by angela cruz

The Man Who Sold Eiffel Tower Twice!

The Man Who Sold Eiffel Tower Twice!

Victor Lustig was born in 1890 to an affluent Bohemian family. 

He is a well-educated man, but the job doesn't interest him, so he uses his intellect to swindle.

In 1909, Victor leaves Bohemia for Paris.

As a pimp, he robbed elderly ladies on Atlantic cruises. Before 1925, he resided in New York, the criminals' El Dorado.

A crazy-but-brilliant swindle was conceived.

Victor was appointed by the City of Paris and claimed the monument is too costly to preserve.

The highest bidder gets his choice of 15,000 beams and 2.5 million rivets.

Victor Lustig invites the five guys to the tower to make his swindle convincing.

It's too late for André Poisson to realize the swindle. Lustid has already moved to Austria.