By Leone

Gen Z and millennial renters are more affected by inflation than average Americans are

Rent is swiftly exceeding wages for Generation Z and Millennials, and inflation is hitting them harder.

Rents for millennials signing new leases in June and July 2022 increased 11.6% year on year.

Significantly more than the 8.5% increase seen by the rest of the country.

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According to a new Redfin report, Generation Z also sees higher inflation,

 With a personal rate of 11.3% for new renters.

According to the survey, while income levels for both Gen Z and millennials have climbed by about 10% since 2020

Their overall expenses have increased by 17%, leaving them with less income to deal with mounting costs.

Overall Expenses,


“Pricing power is important in business. You want your business to have the flexibility to raise prices as needed, especially with regard to inflation.”

Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr