By Leone

Apple has surpassed Android for more than 50% of smartphone usage in the US

Apple currently produces more than half of all smartphones in the US, surpassing Android handsets.


This gives Apple a competitive advantage as it expands into industries such as finance and healthcare.

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone first reached a 50% market share in the June quarter.

The remaining 150 gadgets ran Google's Android operating system, with Samsung and Lenovo leading the pack.

How did apple surpass android


The number of individuals brought into Apple's ecosystem through the secondhand phone market...

And those who still use iPhones from prior generations is referred to as the active installed base.

According to CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood, instead of a spectacular year in which Apple raises its market share by 10% or 15%...

They are experiencing a steady burn in which they secretly capture more market share every year.

Cook has pushed into television, advertising, payments, movies, and the fitness and health industries to capitalize on the saturation of the iPhone market.



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