Ying Yang Twins Net Worth And Much More

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth

The Ying Yang Twins are known as a famous Hip-Hop duo. The twins’ names are Kaine(Eric Jackson) and D-Roc(Deongelo Holmes). They became famous around 2003 because they collaborated with Lil Jon. They formed the group in Atlanta in 2000 and launched their first album, “Whistle While You Twurk.” However, they become more famous after the release of their hip-hop hit “Get-Low.” Then they received success with their other hit singles, “shake,” “Badd,” “salt shaker,” and “what’s Happenin.” All of these achievements add to Ying Yang Twins’ Net Worth.

The song performed by the twins is “Halftime,” released in 2010 with the collaboration Homebwoi. This song became a hit because it was played in New Orleans after the Saints’ football touchdowns. The Twins duo joined the Millenium Tour in 2021. Also, they continue to perform their classic around the world.

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth 

To know Ying Yang’s twin Net Worth let’s discuss their background. Deongelo Holmes was born in Atlanta on 23rd February 1979; Eric Jackson was born on 16th December 1978. The twins’ hip-hop artist has released two remix albums, seven studio albums, and three complications, and they also appeared on four mixtapes. Some of their most famous albums are “U.S.A (United States Of Atlanta), from 2005 and “Chemically Imbalanced” from 2006. These two albums were considered to be one of the biggest hits in their career. “Me & My Brother” was the third album they released. The album went Platinum. This album brought the artist over $1 million in album sales. They have also worked with other artists of the same genre, such as JustRythm, Kid Money, and Tone Bone. They also appeared in the comedy “Soul Plane” in 2004 by Jessy Terrero.

Ying Yang Twins Net Worth

Net Worth Of Ying Yang Twins’

The Net Worth of Ying Yang Twins is estimated to be around $100 Thousand Dollars. The twins are making most of their money in the music industry, performing several concerts and show and writing several hits. The duo’s popularity began to wane after 2006, coinciding with a net worth drop. The media stated in 2013 that D-Roc had financial problems since his monthly salary had dropped below $3,000 for many months, although the artists’ average monthly income in the mid-2000s was around $20,000.

The bad news is that the Ying Yang Twins had gained some media attention recently when the police detained D-Roc in 2012 for drunken driving and again in 2014 for beating his wife. The duo continued to write songs, release albums, and tour during this time, although their success had significantly decreased from when they first started. They entered into a contract with Epic Records in 2012.

D-Roc has had two marriages. He has two children with Porsche, his second wife and his daughter from his first marriage. Kaine keeps his personal affairs out of the public eye. Hip-hop musicians are attempting to spread the word about their music through social media.