Google Search Shortcuts Has Got An Interesting Update

We’re always seeking data and information, and a search engine like Google helps us locate the answers and resources we need daily. Google search shortcuts can help us locate what we seek more quickly. When you locate what you’re looking for faster, you have more time for planning and producing. That is a unicorn approach worth employing. We’ll receive results more closely aligned with what we’re searching for with a few smart keystrokes, whether we’re performing keyword research or competition research. Here we’ll learn how Google made one of its best Google search shortcuts even more powerful.

Google Advanced Search is wonderful for desktop users, but it’s a rather complicated system that doesn’t cover all the search refining choices available. It also does not work on mobile unless you are viewing it in desktop mode. Fortunately, Google provides a plethora of shortcuts and other strategies for searching fast and efficiently – on any platform. All you need to do is know the appropriate symbols. Let us go over them one by one.

1. Shortcuts for searching

Perfect match
You may use quotation marks to search for a specific word or phrase and get results that include the quoted words in succession.

2. Exclude words

Stick a dash or minus symbol in front of a word to remove it from search results.

3. Wildcards

If you want a certain result but can’t recall one or more terms, use the “*” sign. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking for a movie, book, or song title. It may also be used to find relative word forms (“phone*” searches for smartphones, telephones, mobile phones, and so on).

4. Combination searches

To merge two search words into one, use “OR.”

5. Lookup synonyms

For results that include any synonyms of the specified word, use a tilde symbol before the keyword.

6. Range of numbers

Place two periods between two numerical numbers to search inside a number range. Set a pricing range by combining this with currency symbols.

7. Title, URL, or body

If you know where the search phrase will be, you may narrow the results to words within a URL using “inurl:” words in a website title using “intitle:” or page content using “intext:”

8. Format of the file

Looking for a PDF, DOC, MP3, or APK file? To limit results to a certain file type, use the “file:” operator.

9. Site-specific search

Did you know that you can use Google to bypass any website’s own search box?

Use the “site:” qualifier to limit search results to pages from Android Authority if you’re looking for a certain result on this website. You may also learn more about a website by prefixing it with “info:” or browse a cached version using the “cache:” shortcut.

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What has this new Google search shortcuts update got for you?

When looking for the specific location where words appear on a website, Google quoted searches are now significantly more useful. The internet behemoth has improved its citation-based search by including page snippets that show you exactly where to locate the material you’re looking for. You might not have to go through a large paper to find the correct sentence.

Google search shortcuts

Restrictions related to it

There are limitations. Searches with quote marks may provide results that are not visible (for example, meta description tags) or displayed only in web URLs and title links. If the mentions are too far apart, you may not see them altogether. On the desktop, you “usually” see bold mentions, and you don’t see bold for specialized searches and results like image searches and video boxes. You may need to utilize your browser’s on-page search tool to find the required terms.

The corporation explained the modification as a result of customer input. I was cautious to create snippets for these searches in the past since the papers didn’t always yield legible descriptions. This is an acknowledgment that those who utilize citations to search, who are frequently referred to as “power users,” are more interested in defining terms than in reading the site description.

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