Beats Fit Pro: Product Review


The Fit Pros are amazing pair of earbuds that is the best thing from the Apple tech. There is nothing that is not in this fit Pro. There is a feature of noise cancellation that is somewhat similar to Air Pods Pro. There is also dynamic head tracking. Also, they have the feature of a skin detection sensor. This feature has just launched in the Air Pods. Beats prove that a company can be recognized by a different brand too. Though it doesn’t fit into long-term plans of Apple, it is the most reliable product too. In this article, we are going to review Beats Fit Pro. So, without waiting further, let’s get started.

Beats Fit Pro Review

Beats Fit Pro perfectly fits into your ears. It molds into your ears. You have noticed every time you go running. Your earphone drops out of your ears. But, those who used Beats Fit Pro never complained about it. These earphones fit so easily in your ears. You can wear it even if you are doing a vigorous activity without fearing losing it. It is lightweight and comfortable too.



If you haven’t realized this, Fit Pros are the miniature version of Powerbeats Pro. You need to know that there is no wireless charging, which is a huge disappointment. But, it uses USB-C. Both earphones charge simultaneously; otherwise, there are some situations where only one earphone gets charged.

The most important thing about any product is its looks. Fit Pro has a unique look that is mind-blowing. However, it has curved wing tips in various colors such as black, grey, white, and pink/purple. The pink and purple color got the best reviews as it has some unique features. Not to forget that they are lighter and very comfortable. They do not put any pressure on your ears. All ears are different. And beats Fits Pro is designed to accumulate all styles of ears. They mold themselves according to any ear style or size, making them perfect to use in any situation. These are just perfect whether you are running, cooking, or vacuuming.

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Lastly, coming to the sound quality, Beats Fit Pro’s sound quality is just heaven. It has the perfect rhythm with amazing bass. It can be used in any position whatsoever. There is no comparison to the sound quality of Beats Fit Pro.

Overall it is a perfect fit and worth buying. If you’re looking for a pair of earphones, you should go for it. This was all about the Beats Fit Pro review.

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