Virgin River Filming Locations: Know Where Netflix’s Show Was Filmed

One of the popular Netflix shows, Virgin River, is all set to make a comeback with its fourth season. So, here we are today with the Virgin River filming locations and many more. If you love the Virgin River, you won’t want to leave this article in the middle. But, once in a while, you want to spend some days in the beautiful locations featured in the show Virgin River. Imagine how therapeutic that vacation would be with Virgin River filming locations. But, if that’s the case, then a shocking revelation awaits you.  

Virgin River Filming Locations

So where was Virgin River Filmed? 

It is no secret that the series is set in California. However, most of the series is shot in Vancouver (Canada) and Brackendale, Burnaby, etc. Let us reveal to you one more fact that would blow your mind. The Mel’s cabin that you see in the series is not a cabin in real. Instead, it is a real home in North Vancouver.

Not only this, but the house you see in the series where Doc lives is a five-bedroom entire apartment in New Westminster. And in case you wonder then where those establishing shots of the town were filmed, you must know that the main shots were filmed in Artisan Lane. Also, Mel’s cabin has been featured in many web shows and movies, for instance, The Flash, Stargate, etc.


Is Virgin River an actual location or fiction? 

The show revolves around a small town named Virgin River, placed in California with a limited population. But if you are also one of those people assuming the Virgin River to be a real place, then you might be mistaken. But do not be upset. The location where the scenes were shot was an actual location. So, if you still need to visit places where the Virgin River was shot, you can. 

Now you must wonder, if not Virgin River, where the series was shot? The episodes and scenes were shot in British Columbia and Vancouver. It is just the lure of the director who made you think as Virgin River exists in real life too. 

For the unversed, Vancouver is the favorite place for the directors to shoot. Besides Virgin River, several other shows have also been shot in Vancouver. For instance, X-Men, Once Upon a Time, and Riverdale. In addition, the tourism website of Vancouver even has a special section dedicated to the Netflix show Virgin River. 

virgin river filming locations

Where is Virgin River located? 

If we ask you, guess whether Virgin River town exists in real life? Most of you would say yes, it does exist somewhere on the map. But to your surprise, this place does not exist in real life. Well, it is a brainer since the series is based on the works of Robyn Carr, the book’s author with the same name, Virgin River. However, there is an actual river named Virgin River situated in Colorado. So here was the scoop on Virgin River filming locations. That is all for today. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow MarketGlobalReview for a daily dose of health-related articles.

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