The Many Saints of Newark: Tony Soprano to return in 2021

the many saints of newark

Today, we ask you a very crucial question: who doesn’t love a good gangster movie? That’s right, nobody! What if we told you that a not a good but a potentially great one is hitting your screens very soon? You read that right! The Many Saints of Newark is all set to create trouble in the best of ways one could imagine!

A prequel to the HBO hit series The Sopranos, the film deals with the early life of Italian-American gangster Tony Soprano and the friction between the Italian and African-American communities in the neighbourhood. The film which is directed by Alan Taylor stars Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, Jon Bernthal as Johnny Boy Soprano and Vera Farmiga as Livia Soprano. We also see Corey Stoll playing the much-talked-about role of Junior. This strong line up is a major win as far as casting goes.

Many Saints
Michael Gandolfini in the streets of New Jersey

Now that we’ve established everything there is to know about the cast and crew, tell us when we can watch it, you might be thinking. Initially scheduled for September 25, 2020 the film’s premiere was pushed back due to – you guessed it right – the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the movie is set to release in theatres on the 12th of March, 2021, reserving yet another popular film for the year.

Ever since the series aired its final episode way back in 2007, the fans have felt that there is much left to be said about the life and times of Tony Soprano, a character we have all come to form a love-hate relationship with. This sentiment has plagued the fandom for quite a while, making fans badger the makers to let them have one good, if final, look at what the life of this cherished mobster is like. Come March 2021, we can all hope that The Many Saints of Newark quenches this thirst for closure.

many saints movie
The Many Saints of Newark is the premiere on March, 2021

The Many Saints of Newark takes on a storyline that is unexpected yet somehow makes sense to the lot of us. Though a continuation to what happened to Tony and gang after the fateful finale years ago is what we really hoped we would see in the next instalment of the series, whatever that might have been.

This provision of a sequel seems to have left the fandom and the world with mixed emotions, most of them being positive. In the end, all the fans needed was a way for them to crawl into the world of The Sopranos and curl up there for just a while longer. The open-ended conclusions to their story left behind a bittersweet sentiment and wanting a much concrete ending was something that was valid. However, we can all hope that the new film brings us something we didn’t know we need but definitely deserve.

Michael Gandolfini, being the son of original gangster James Gandolfini (pun intended), has brought about a new wave of excitement amongst the fans since the initial wrap up of the film on 2019. The film’s postponement had put a wet blanket on this but the fandom seems to be back on track as the year draws to a close and prospects of catching The Many Saints of Newark and the Soprano clan at the big screen get closer and closer by the minute. Will The Many Saints of Newark be the film the fandom needed? Be sure to come back here to find out!

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