Release Date Of 100 Years Quest Episode 1 ( Fairy Tail )

Any individual who has watched anime for quite a while knows what a pleasant anime Fairy Tail was. The anime was a success with a few stunning curves and scalawags that caused things super to enter engaging. Pixie Tail ran from 2009 till 2019. In 2010, the anime likewise won the Anime of the Year grant in SouthEast Asia. The show has been adulated generally for its engaging plot and incredible components. Inside its range of 328 scenes and 9 OVAs, Fairy Tail figured out how to fabricate its own, being a fan loaded up with weebs who needed to see the series return. It’s been a long time since the anime finished, and we, at last, have some news about its return? Another season? Indeed, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest has been declared, and I bet individuals are going off the deep end about this declaration!

Pixie Tail depends on Hiro Mashima’s manga that passes by a similar name. It was dispatched in 2006 and distributed by Kodansha. Afterward, it was serialized by something similar in its Weekly Shonen Magazine. The Fairy Tail manga was assembled into 63 volumes, each of which was encased into brilliant covers. It rotates throughout a planet where various wizards join societies and complete missions for cash. Lucy, excited with regards to joining the Fairy Tail society, meets Natsu Dragneel by some coincidence. Natsu was an extremely impressive wizard from Fairy Tail who could inhale fire. After a chain of occasions, she, at last, comes to the organization. She meets various wizards and experiences many undertakings with them.

Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest will get a few nostalgic affections for us to re-live. This is what we have thought about this anime up until now!

Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest: What is it About?

After the Fairy Tail manga closed in 2017, the series continued, named the “Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest”. The manga requires a year after the first series. In the wake of overcoming Zeref and Acnoligia, the fundamental characters set out on another experience. This time they are finishing a job that nobody has completed in the previous century since the Fairy Tail organization was tracked down: The 100 Years Quest. Subsequently, they move toward the Northern mainland of Guiltina to get once more into it indeed.

Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest is composed by Hiro Mashima and represented by Atsuo Ueda. The manga attempts to fill in all holes left by the cliffhangers of the parent story. New parts are delivered fortnightly in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket. Up until this point, 90 features have been given, out of which 76 have been arranged into nine volumes. The manga presents a few new characters, which is solid and assumes a significant part in the story. If you are interested in the plot, you can generally find the manga, which is currently streaming INKR funnies.

Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest Release Date

Pixie Tail: 100 Years Quest is relied upon to deliver in Fall 2022. On 11 September 2021, Hiro Mashima, the mangaka, declared that a Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest anime was affirmed. The declaration was made during the “Hiro Mashima Fan Meeting.” Three years after the continuation manga’s dispatch, an anime is at long last clearing a path, which will see a few energizing fans. A delivery date has not been determined until this point, however from its vibes, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest delivery date may be declared before the finish of fall at the most recent. There is a high chance that the anime will air before the finish of 2022.

Anticipated Studio

A ton of subtleties presently can’t seem to be reported. There is a high possibility the continuation may be energized by A1 Pictures, the studio which aminated the parent series just as the OVAs. With the adjustment of the artist, we might see a few changes in the staff as well. These subtleties will be declared soon, so continue to register to our site to get all new updates about the anime.


Aside from the extra cast, we anticipate that all the old cast members should continue their jobs. Ideally, there will be no change here. In case that is in this way, we might hear Tetsuya Kakihara as Natsu Dragneel, Yuichi Nakamura as Gray Fullbuster, Aya Hirano as Lucy Heartfilia, Rie Kugimiya as Happy, Sayaka Ohara as Erza Scarlet, and Satomi Sato as Wendy Marvell.