The Hidden Face Ending Explained

On the off chance that the Colombian thrill-ride film The Hidden Face finishing clarified is the thing that you’re searching for, then, at that point, look no further. Here it is! Initially, that film is ten years old! Believe it or not, the film is from 2011. It highlights Clara Lago, Martina García and Quim Gutiérrez and it was coordinated by Andrés Baiz. Besides, the film had such excellent footing that Bollywood, Mexico, and Turkey changed their renditions in 2013, 2019, and 2017.

The film was altogether made in Colombia, the place where there is Shakira and Maluma. This film recounts an entirely exhilarating anecdote about a man symphony whose sweetheart is out of nowhere and unexpectedly disappears. The man takes up one more relationship with an alternate lady, leaving a few inquiries unanswered and inclining further toward that later on. While the film is old, it’s one of those sentimentality films that restore from time to time. Presently accompany us as we disclose to you this current film’s consummation. Be careful with spoilers!

The Hidden Face Plot with Spoilers

Adrián (Quim Gutierrez), a youthful orchestra chief, watched a video of his adoration Belén (Clara Lago) saying a final farewell to him. Adrián gets disturbed. He meets Fabiana (Martina Garcia) in a bar while drinking away he distresses, and the two begin a sentiment. Fabiana moves into the home Adrián and Belén shared. Odd things start occurring in the restroom, with Fabiana seeing weird sounds radiating from the sink and bath, just as getting burnt by a suddenly hot shower.

Adrián is named as a suspect in Belén’s vanishing, albeit no proof of Adrián’s support in Belén’s vanishing can be found. One of the policy analysts, who is by all accounts Fabiana’s ex, compromises Adrián that on the off chance that anything happens to Fabiana, he would kill Adrián. The house is claimed by a German lady named Emma, who shows Belén a secret chamber she developed to hide her better half on the off chance that somebody came searching for him since he was a previous Nazi SS commandant.

A Room shrouds the mystery.

The room is independent and soundproofed. Belén, who was jealous of Adrián’s coquettish association with one of his violin players, Verónica, chose to imagine she was leaving him at Emma’s recommendation. As she stows away in the secret chamber, she makes a video expressing that she is going. She can see Adrián’s reaction in the room’s single-direction mirrors. At the point when she believes he’s had enough. She looks for the key to find she’s lost it and is presently caught in the room without any way to arrive at Adrián.

Fabiana finds their way into the secret chamber. However, she has no clue what it is going after. She, at last, understands that Belén is bound in the home because Belén can impart by tapping on the lines in the secret chamber. Causing swells in the full restroom sink. Fabiana stops as she gets ready to enter the entryway and decides not to save Belén because of a paranoid fear of losing Adrián. This is a significant point in the plotline as she contemplates what will befall her life. On another note, on the off chance that you presume your sweetheart undermines you, don’t anticipate such elaborate plans to get him there. However, that is only a side note.

The Hidden Face Ending Explained

Fabiana clashes about her decision, yet she decides to open the entryway and beware of Belén since she hasn’t heard from her. Furthermore, one of the examiners showed Fabiana photographs of Adrián and Verónica, which made her jealous. While Fabiana is minding Belén, who is lying on a bed in the secret chamber, Belén suddenly takes her out and secures Fabiana in the room. Belén settles on the choice to leave home. She puts the way into the secret room on a bed for Adrián to find, just as a photograph of both of them taped to the mirror that fills in as the mysterious room’s passageway. The last scene portrays Belén sitting alone on the coastline while Fabiana is detained inside, standing by to be safeguarded.