Release Date Of Malayalam’s Superhero Movie – Minnal Murali

In today’s article, we will be discussing the Minnal Murali release date. Minnal Murali is an upcoming Malayalam movie starring Tovino Thomas as the lead. The film is directed by Basil Joseph, who has previously worked with Tovino in the 2017 movie Godha. They also worked together in Kilometers and Kilometres, which was released last year. Although Basil was not directing the movie, he did appear as an actor in it. The movie producer is Sophia Paul, who is the producer of the hit movie Bangalore Days. The film’s music is being composed by Shaan Rahman, and the background score of the film is composed by Sushin Shyam.

The Malayalee audience is very excited about the film’s release since this is the first superhero movie in Malayalam. Also, Tovino’s fans are very much happy to see him play this role. The release date of Minnal Murali has been the topic of discussion all over social media for the past week. Fans have expressed their disappointment in not being able to watch the movie in theatres. Theatres have been closed in Kerala since the second wave of Covid hit, and it is unsure when they will reopen. Keep Reading to know more about Minnal Murali Release Date.

Minnal Murali Trailer Breakdown
The teaser of Minnal Murali was released on August 31 August 2021. At the beginning of the teaser, we hear an announcement that anybody who has any information on a masked man who called himself “Minnal Murali” should immediately report to the police station. It seems that Minnal Murali has created panic during the anniversary day of Kurukkanmoola school. He has also assaulted police officers and has conducted a heist, Kurrukanmoola Co-operative bank. According to the teaser, Biju Kuttan’s character, an auto driver, is startling due to a quick movement. This is probably Minnal Murali, who passed by, and from this, we understand that he can move at top speed.

After that, we see all the local people starring at a masked man who is probably Minnal Murali ( Tovino Thomas) trying to lift a vehicle with his bare hands. The teaser goes on to show a man designing the costume of a superhero. Then the trailer shows Murali stopping hundreds of people with just a wave of his hand. We also see Murali showing off his excellent reflexes and shooting abilities in the teaser. We will have to wait till the release of Minnal Murali to discover what other skills the superhero holds. Check out the trailer of Minnal Murali here.

Minnal Murali Release Date
According to some sources, the Minnal Murali Release Date is apparently on September 10, 2021. It looks like the theatres in Kerala won’t be reopening any time soon due to a high number of covid cases after the celebration of the Keralite festival of Onam. So it looks like Tovino’s movie will be getting an OTT release this September. It has almost been a year since the film’s teaser has come out, and the actor’s fans are eagerly waiting for the film to release. Actress Femina George is playing the lead female role. This will be Femina’s debut in the Malayalam movie industry.

Apart from Tovino, the movie stars Aju Varghese, Biju Kuttan, Sneha Babu, Baiju, and Harisree Ashokan. Looking at the casting lineup, it is pretty clear that the film will be a comedy. This is because most of the actors are famous Malayalee comedy artists. The movie will be released on Netflix in the coming month, according to the filmibeat website. After the long wait for theatres to reopen, the moviemakers have finally decided to release the movie on the Online Streaming Platform.