“ONE PIECE” Volume 100 9/3 release decision Search for space measures, Wally! Six commemorative projects started

Shueisha announced on the 19th that the 100th volume of the  popular manga ” ONE PIECE ” comics would be released on September 3. In addition, ” Luffy us! To the universe” joint space planning of Shueisha · JAXA · Bascule on the theme of “KIBO DISCOVER PROJECT,” find the “Wally! A project to commemorate the release of 100 volumes has started, carrying out six projects such as collaboration with.

This year, which is the 24th year of the serialization, under the catchphrase of “WE ARE ONE.,” The project started with the desire to develop a project involving the universe and make the world “one-piece.” The space project “KIBO DISCOVER PROJECT” became a challenge to bring hope to the world through “adventure to space,” and collaboration with JAXA and KIBO space broadcasting station was realized. In the 33/34 merged issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” released on the 19th, “Look for Wally! “in ONE PIECE” unique collaboration poster is included in the appendix.

It is a particular poster that searches for Wally, friends, and the Straw Hat Pirates hidden in the illustration set in Onigashima, Wano, where the battle is currently being fought in “ONE PIECE.” In addition, the “3rd” ONE PIECE “Knowledge King” will be held for all “ONE PIECE” fans nationwide, covering all the questions that make up the world of “ONE PIECE”, and Oda before the serialization of “ONE PIECE.”

It is decided to make his short manga “MONSTERS” into a voiced comic. Under the supervision of a well-known movie director, the production of a short group drama work in which a drama scene in which gorgeous actors appear and an animation scene by five animation directors intersect, the manga app “Shonen Jump +” and the general electronic bookstore “Ze Black” Then, until September 2, it will be the largest free release in the history of “ONE PIECE”, and we will develop a plan to read volumes 1 to 90 in stages for free. The series, which began serializing in “Weekly Shonen Jump” on July 22, 1997, is a marine adventure romance over “One Piece, the Great Treasure of One Piece” left by the legendary pirate king Gol D. Roger. Monkey D.

Luffy, the hero’s boy who eats the Devil Fruit “Rubber Gum Fruit” and becomes a rubber human with a special ability to stretch his body like rubber, however, a magnificent story of gathering friends to form the pirate “Straw Hat Pirates” and aiming to become the pirate king. The cumulative circulation of the series worldwide has exceeded 490 million (400 million in Japan and over 90 million overseas), and the most published comic series by a single author “The most copies published for the” It has been certified as a Guinness World Record as “same comic book series by a single author.”