Black Clover 295 Spoilers A New Armor! The Rematch Between Noelle And Vanica Begins

black clover spoilers The spoilers for this week’s chapter show us a new pact and the beginning of the battle between Noelle and Vanica.

Black Clover and chapter 295 spoilers are out now. This week the Yuki Tabata series has the cover of the magazine and the main page in color, where we can see Asta in the main part of the cover and behind him, Yuno with his hand extended and his usual suit.

Some chapters ago we have seen the great progress that Magna has made, something that led him to face Dante in a great way, one of the members of the Dark Triad, although the fans were happy for Magna’s triumph, so far It is not known for sure if Dante was really defeated, since in one of the pages of chapter 294 we could see him in a new way and Jack faces him, so we do not really know what his end was.

In chapter 295 of Black Clover, we will have Noelle’s revenge against Vanica. The chapter begins with the attack that was shown at the end of 294, where Noelle gives a direct attack to Vanica, which she manages to stop without difficulty.

We see that Noelle is not alone, as Undine looks behind her, something that surprises everyone, including Charlotte. The spoilers show us a flashback where we see Lolo with Undine and Dryad. Then Undine is seen sad and consoling Noelle for what happened with Lolo, they make an agreement to work together and rescue Lolo.

We return to the battle and as Noelle prepares to face Vanica, Lolo sheds a few tears despite being controlled by the villain. The fight finally begins, Vanica launches a large number of attacks at Noelle, however, these fail to hurt the least of the Silva, as she was performing her fusion with Undine.

We are shown that from this fusion a new form of armor is born for Noelle, which until now is known as “SPIRIT DIVE: Saint Valkyrie Dress”, in this way the revenge between the two begins, and although it has not been given to To know if we will see a little more of this confrontation in this chapter, it was confirmed that fans will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the confrontation between the two since next week there will be no chapter of Black Clover.