Episode 09 of To Your Eternity Date Release Time and Summary

With the end of our beloved 8th episode of To Your Eternity, on May 31, many are desperate out there. But don’t worry, you can know everything about Episode 09 of To Your Eternity Date, Release Time and Summary.

Episode 09 of To Your Eternity, Release Date and Time in Brazil
Episode 9 of To Your Eternity, entitled ‘Memórias Profesas’, has an appointment: it will arrive on the screens on June 7 at 1:30 pm Brasília time for Crunchyroll premium subscribers, certainly the first place that will present the episode subtitled.

On the other hand, if you’re not a subscriber, the episode will be released for free a week later, on June 14th. To help you out, we’ll leave a timer showing how much time is left for the premiere of episode 09, so when it’s available on Crunchyroll it will be reset.

Summary of Episode 08 of To Your Eternity

In episode 08, we see that Rean decides to live with Fushi and Gugu. In addition, we see Gugu doing some experiments with Fushi, after seeing the spear he made. With that, he even cut our protagonist with a knife and burned him, realizing that he can copy the material after the stimulus.

After that, we see the old man with the cachaça taking a drink out of Gugu, saying that he put it in the boy’s stomach. After that, he leaves there because he feels like a monster, and no one goes after him. Soon, he returns to his former master, where he is treated well by him, but all the others despise him and mistreat the young man. So he decides to start living without the mask.

Meanwhile, we see Fushi trying to cook and work alone, but it’s a complete disaster. Gugu, on the other hand, stops working with his master in order not to disturb him anymore and even finds his brother completely worn out. Thus, he decides to give his ring to his brother, as he has a chance to live normally. In the end, Gugu is kidnapped by some men who wanted to sell him, but Fushi arrives to save him, even afraid of the forest!

How to watch the eighth episode of To Your Eternity?
You can watch at Crunchyroll or if you prefer Funimation, as they are the official anime distributors in Brazil. But, if you prefer another option, search for SubAnimes on Google, as it is a partner of our blog.

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