Expressing Super Mario with Gunpla and praising from overseas Gundam is a tool that makes everyone smile

Masato said that he returned to the Gunpla modeler using his time at Corona. While making the kit faithfully, play with the characters of popular games such as Super Mario and Anpanman and anime works. It has been a hot topic on SNS, such as being praised by foreigners. A certain characteristic of Mr. Masato was related to the background of making such works.

The beginning of everything was that Zaku’s spike armor looked spiny

On Twitter, you can see many works that beautifully express the characters of other anime works using Gunpla. Please tell us how you came to make such a work. When you saw Zaku’s spike armor, it looked like the spiny that appeared in the Mario series. Once I think so, I can only see it Make Mario with Zaku! I decided that because the characteristics of Zaku’s body were in the shape of Mario’s overalls. It looked like that. It’s really beautifully expressed by making the best use of the shape and coloring. Thank you. Of course, there are times when you normally make it an asset. But I don’t have the skills of a pro modeler. So I thought, Real is good but isn’t it fun to play with If you think of a work that will make everyone who sees the work smile, you can say This kit can be something or even if you are watching animation on TV, If this is the case, you can make it with Gunpla. It will flash to you. Also, since the first thing is to make everyone happy, I think it is also important to use a character that everyone knows as a motif. I think it’s a wonderful work that goes on the ground with the Gundam model that can be made with any free idea. The response is great, isn’t that’s right. In particular, the Mario series works received many comments from overseas. I realize once again that both Mario and Gundam are truly loved by people all over the world.

Among the many works, the Curry Panman using Acguy was particularly impressive. When did you come up with the idea for this work? [ Masato] There was an Acguy in the Gunpla section, and I was wondering whether to buy it or not. Then, the shape of Acguy’s face became visible to Curry Panman. I say it many times, but once I think about it, I can only see it. The official name is Acguy for Curry Panman. I made it in about 4 days. Please tell us what you were most particular about during production and what you struggled with most. I used the mono-eye as the nose when it came to how to arrange the eyes and nose from the shape of the head. It was the expression of the cloak that I had a hard time with. I thought it would be very difficult to express it in plastic, and after thinking about it, I decided to use cloth. It’s actually a plastic model, so I wanted to express it in plastic, but I expressed it in felt. The cloak also thought, What should I do to make it look like it’s fluttering The resulting wire was put in the felt. What do you value in making Gunpla? [Masato] It’s a little different from what I did when I made it, but Gunpla has been popular and running out of stock recently, probably because of the demand for nesting. We are always thinking, Can we escape from the shortage so that everyone can enjoy it Nowadays, there are many resellers, but there are many people who want to have fun but are too expensive to buy. Isn’t it possible to create a place for such people to share information such as kits as much as possible? So, team KLM I made a circle called R. Although the number of members is still small, we will try to enjoy Gunpla together. It’s wonderful not only for yourself but also for modelers who love Gunpla. Last but not least, what does the Gundam Model mean to Masato? [Masato] I think it’s a tool that makes you smile. The smiles that people smile when they get it, when it is completed, and when they see the work. Each one will be happy. Gunpla is an important thing that makes you smile. I think that the character Gunpla will also flash, so I think I’ll make it.