‘Dragon Ball Z Kai’: Warner Channel will broadcast the full anime in Mexico

‘Dragon Ball Z Kai’ returns to television screens in Mexico from the hand of Warner Channel, as it has been announced that from June 1 it will have the anime in its programming that at the time was involved in the controversy.

Warner Channel in its eagerness to give variety to its contents and attract different audiences has revealed that Dragon Ball Z Kai will be part of its programming from June 1, 2021. Through a statement, it has been announced that the popular Animated series starring Goku can be seen on the channel to the joy of fans of this anime that has transcended time and the world, not for nothing a few weeks ago the creation of a new Dragon Ball Super movie was announced.

Starting on Tuesday, June 1, a double episode of the series will be broadcast in the afternoon, giving rise to a daily schedule from Monday to Friday, while on Saturday mornings five episodes will be launched in a row. Recall that Dragon Ball Z Kai was released in 2009 as a reissue of the original Dragon Ball Z anime, whose objective was to celebrate the 20 years of the manga created by Akira Toriyama that has inspired anime through the years. It’s a remastered edition with some “filler” episodes removed, so this is a faster-moving story, but essentially the same as the one fans lived through a few years ago.

“Dragon Ball Z Kai tells the stories of the adult life of Son Goku and his friends: Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, Master Roshi, and Piccolo as they defend the Earth from different threats. In addition, it shows the maturing process of their son Gohan, “is mentioned in the official synopsis. It should be noted that this anime is divided into four arcs: The Saiyajin saga, which takes place four years after the twenty-third world tournament, and in which various aliens attack the Earth, so the protagonists prepare to defend it.

The other is the Freeza saga that is set after the disappearance of the Dragon Balls, so star characters embark on a journey through different planets to revive those who died in the fight against the Saiyans. The third saga is that of Cell, in which Goku is warned by someone from the future about the arrival of the antagonist, giving him the opportunity over three years to prepare his defense. Finally, the Majin-Boo saga closes the actions, in which the enemy to be defeated is a dangerous monster awakened by a magician.

It should be noted that Dragon Ball Z Kai was involved in controversy in Mexico a few years ago, because the voices of the original dubbing, composed by Mario Castañeda, René García, Carlos Segundo, among others, did not interpret their respective characters due to economic disagreements with Toei Animation, so there are other talents that came in to supply them, causing the anger of several fans. Finally, for the Majin-Boo saga, the original interpreters returned, something that was celebrated by fans of the anime, although perhaps it was too late to prevent this particular title from not having the performance they expected.