The first anime place is surprising Date glasses! Maruo-Kun is watching Akechi? “Meganekko” ranking that I think is smart

Many glasses of characters appear in manga, anime, and games. Glasses, a popular prop that is perfect for expressing a weak personality or a special character such as “when you take off your glasses, you are actually a beautiful girl”. And after all, there are many people who have the image of “intelligence” and ” brain ” in the glasses characters. Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire survey on “glasses characters” for 200 men and women in their 30s and 40s. We asked him to list one of the characters wearing glasses who he thinks is the smartest. (Questionnaire site “Voice Note” survey)

Hot-blooded and intelligent national glasses character

First of all, Sueo Maruo of the national animation “Chibi Maruko- chan” was selected as the third-place by 8.5% of the people. Maruo-Kun wearing characteristic round glasses with a straight upper part and around the lower half. Maruko’s class representative is a serious and enthusiastic honor student character who says, “I think it’s XX.” Maruo has an extraordinary passion for being a class representative, but in reality, he is an extreme mother’s boy and has a boyish side that is suitable for his age. Did you know that Maruo-Kun has big eyes with double eyelids when he takes off his glasses? This unexpected gap seemed to surprise many viewers in the 2014 broadcast ” Swimming Special Training with Maruko and Maruo “, which attracted a lot of attention online. Although he is an honor student character with glasses, he often plays the role of blur in the main story, and Maruo-Kun, who shows a sloppy side in spite of being clever, ranked third in this questionnaire due to his high name recognition. From the people who chose it, “a familiar and smart character”, “because this type goes to the University of Tokyo”, “because of the thick glasses, studying makes my eyes worse. I think it was. ”The origin of Maruo-kun’s name is taken from Mr. Suehiro Maruo, a manga artist who is known for his cult style and has a fantastic and mysterious style.

Second place is the elite police on the way back from the Los Angeles Police Department

The second place was Kengo Akechi of “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” with a turnout of 15.5%. Akechi, a police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department, is a good rival of the main character, Ichiichi Kaneda, and is a character depicted as one of the best elite in the work. She has cool silver hair and thin frame glasses that look like luxury, and her eyesight is 0.3 on the right and 0.4 on the left. He seems to be wearing glasses because he is not good at putting in contact lenses. It can be said that it is reasonable that the excellent Akechi, who can compete with IQ180’s Kindaichi, can play sports and drive Cessna, ranked high. From the people who chose, “Because it looks like a smart glasses character” (44 years old, male), “That young and Kenmochi’s old man’s boss. It’s not just a thing” (39 years old, male), “Because it’s a graduate of Tokyo University “(42 years old, female) and” I can speak any language and can do anything “(35 years old, male). It seems that many talents in various fields were highly evaluated. Currently, in “Evening” (Kodansha), “Kanada Ichi 37-year-old case book” set 20 years after the same work is being serialized, and Akechi, who is 48 years old, also appears in the same work. His appearance hasn’t changed much since 20 years ago, and he uses the same silver rectangular glasses. In addition, promotion to a police officer has been decided, and it seems that he is living a smooth life on the elite highway.

Detective novels are still strong! Conan takes the lead

And the one who won first place was Conan Edogawa of “Detective Conan”. It was selected from 20.0% of the people with an overwhelming voter turnout compared to the second place and below. Conan is a high school detective Shinichi Kudo who was made smaller with a drug called APTX (Apotoxin) 4869, and his glasses are the contents of “Superman” that he saw as a child so that Ran would not notice his true identity. It all started when I remembered it. At that time, I took off the lens of my father’s glasses, which I had at hand, and I am currently wearing the criminal tracking glasses, which is an invention of Dr. Agasa. The design is a large black frame design that is a little ridiculous for elementary school students, and Conan does not actually have poor eyesight, so it is not included. In the work, it is a key item that is used not only for tracking the criminal but also when Haibara takes the place of Conan. From the people who chose it, “Because it’s a great detective”, “Important items that Conan must-have”, “Convenient glasses, but you can’t use them unless you’re smart.” “I think” and “I want these glasses”. It seems that the impression in the work is quite strong because it is an important item that is indispensable for Conan’s reasoning and research. In addition, Dr. Agasa himself, the developer of these glasses, also received a small number of votes. In addition, after 4th place, Kusuo Saiki of “Saiki Kusuo’s Ψ Difficulty” who is supernatural power with a characteristic green lens, Ikari Gendou of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” who plans to complement humanity, and Kogure of “SLAM DUNK” Various types of brain characters such as Kogure was ranked in.