Citrus anime season 2, release date, and plot summary

The Citrus anime is yuri that is based on a manga series. Now, fans are wondering when they will see Season 2.

The Citrus anime is one of those anime series that received a mixed response from the public; albeit with many negative reviews. Studio Passione, the studio in question, is also known for releasing one-season anime, so this further increased the chance that the anime will not make it through another season.

However, there are many fans who are still waiting to see Citrus season 2. As long as there are enough people to support the anime, there is always the possibility of renewal and in La Verdad Noticia s we share all the details.

This Japanese animation was based on the yuri manga of the same name written and illustrated by Saburouta. Mangaka is known for creating Girls Love-themed series and that some like Citrus inspired their own anime yuri. Other of his works are Choukyou Kareshi, Juuou Mujin no Fafnir (with anime), and Yuri Hime Wildrose.

When is season 2 of Citrus coming out?

Season 2 of the Citrus anime has yet to receive an official announcement regarding its release. We can expect it to launch in the summer of 2022, but not after that. It’s been three years since the first season was released and creators generally don’t take long breaks between seasons.

Fortunately, while waiting for the second season, impatient fans can look for spoilers in the Citrus manga. The yuri genre manga began publishing on Comic Yuri Hime in 2012. Japanese animation ended with episode 12 on March 24, 2018.

Citrus tells the story of Yuzu Aihara, a fashion extrovert, and her journey through a new high school experience. After her mother remarries, Yuzu is forced to transfer from the school, which is not a problem for her initially.

However, the strict rules of the new girls’ school only prevent her from always being in style. Also, the president of the student council, Mei Aihara, is his stepsister. Yuzu tries (and fails) to befriend Mei and starts teasing her. Before Yuzu can continue, Mei pushes her to the ground and kisses her.

Stunned and speechless, Yuzu begins to question her half-sister’s motives, as well as experiencing a new flash of emotions that flows through her. Both will start a complicated relationship when realizing their feelings. Citrus is definitely one of those best love anime series that you could either love or hate.

What are the Citrus characters called?

  • Yuzu Aihara
  • Mei Aihara
  • Harumi Taniguchi
  • Himeko momokino
  • Matsuri Misuzawa
  • Sara tachibana

Yuzu is the main protagonist, Shō Aihara’s stepdaughter, and Ume Aihara’s biological daughter. Mei is the second protagonist, the president of the Student Council, the biological daughter of Shō Aihara, and the stepdaughter of Ume Aihara.

Naoki Hayashi was in charge of supervising the scripts and Izuro Ijuuin did the character design and was also the animation director. Lantis created the music, while Infinite was credited with producing the anime. The opening theme is “Azalea” by Nano Ripe, and the ending theme is “Dear Teardrop” by Mia Regina.

What to expect from Citrus season 2?

The 12-episode first season covered 1 volume of the original Citrus manga. There are 10 volumes in total, giving anime producers a wealth of material to work with. Season 2 would continue the story of the fifth volume.

This anime that Crunchyroll helped produce was filled with intense tension, love triangles, mixed feelings, and distractions. At the end of the season, Mei finally confessed her true feelings to Yuzu.

Unfortunately, Yuzu was unable to give him a proper answer and thus created a strange atmosphere. The second season could explore their relationship further, with Yuzu coming to terms with her feelings.

Where can I watch Citrus anime?

The Citrus anime is available to watch on the Funimation platform, Crunchyroll, and to buy on Prime Video. The currently finalized manga had a total of 41 chapters in 10 compiled volumes. If in addition to yuri you like the Boys Love genre, don’t forget to check our list with the best romantic yaoi anime.