Check out ‘The King’s Avatar: For the Glory’!

A love letter from anime to video games.

Are you a fan of animation, video games and the intensity of eSports? You will feel at home with this movie.

In Asia, animation is Japan’s field of expertise. However, in recent years the success of Japan has awakened a generation of artists in other Asian countries who, inspired by the aesthetics of manga-anime, have created their own stories.

More and more anime fans are reading manhwas and manhuas , which are equivalent to manga but South Korean and Chinese, respectively. But there has also been an opening to the production of totally original animated films. A special case is The King’s Avatar: For the Glory , an animated film from China.

Here the adventure begins

Hu Die Lan is a young writer who published a web novel titled The King’s Avatar. The book quickly became famous and had an animated adaptation of the same name and later a live-action series. Glory retells the events that led up to the first adaptation. This is arguably the starting point for those who want to get into Lan’s universe.

A new reality

This is the story of a skillful group of young players on an esports team competing for the national championship. For those who do not know, China is the epicenter of electronic sports, with a culture of competitive games that grow at an unmatched speed around the world, mainly due to the technological industrialization that the country has experienced in the last 20 years. China’s enormous interest in video games, especially among young people, is the basis of the narrative of this film.

Visually stunning

Many believe that only Japan can produce high-quality anime. However, The King’s Avatar: For the Glory will leave viewers in awe: the intensity of the color palette, the fluidity of the movements in the action scenes, as well as the attention to detail in the landscapes or interiors, have astonished. more than one.

New participants, new stories

Donghua is a term that means Chinese animation. The donghua industry is slowly starting to rival anime, and while they are graphically similar, it is the narrative characteristics that separate them. Donghua stories are usually straightforward; for example, the most popular sub-genres are action genres, such as wuxia (minor fantasy), xianxia (major fantasy), and xuanhuan (mystery). For the Glory is tangible proof that we can enjoy fascinating new stories.

Do you want to see it? The fame of this film has crossed so many borders that it even has a dubbing into Latin American Spanish! Luckily for us, Tubi, a free streaming service with the best of Hollywood, series and animations, offers us The King’s Avatar: For the Glory legally and dubbed in our language.