These 4 animes that you absolutely must watch if this universe is foreign to you

If there is one thing that cannot be faulted with Japanese anime, it is their wealth and the incredible diversity that reigns there. It is a cultural universe in its own right. Moreover, if you want to dive into this Dantesque universe, you must start with carefully chosen pieces. With a myriad of genres and sub-genres, it’s like stepping into the world of rock and all of its derivatives. Want to know where to start? Follow the guide.

One piece

Why you must watch it: Because it is currently the best-selling manga and the most in the world. A masterpiece will say some, an ignominy will say others. But never mind, One Piece currently has over 900 episodes! and at the rate at which the author Eiichiro Oda is going, the bar of 1000 episodes will be quickly exceeded.

The hero: In a manga, there is always a hero. He is always the most colorful character, the one who “screams” the most. One Piece tells us a story that takes place at a time when piracy is a way of life. We follow the peregrinations of Luffy, launched in the footsteps of the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger, in search of One Piece. Whoever finds this treasure will simply become the pirate king.

One Piece is an absolutely fascinating story and a rather original character design. Either we like it or we don’t. Also, note that One Piece does not have a season, it is broadcast continuously on DNA. Start with One Piece is an idea, because you will be able to choose your path later.

Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kioujin)
Why you must watch it: Throughout the 4 seasons that make up this anime, you are going to be blown away by one thing: the Hollywood achievement of the series. If you love American series and their well-crafted plots, Attack on Titan will appeal to you in more than one way. A gripping story, charismatic characters and a Game of Thrones pitch will finish you off.

The Hero: Eren Jaeger. This young boy lives in a world where humans are cloistered behind immense walls. Huge walls supposed to protect them from the “other” titans. Gigantic humanoid beings devoid of consciousness who greedily swallow humans. No one knows where these titans came from. The tone is carried away when two titans (the primordial) appear. They’re much stronger, smarter, and they’re following a plan!

In terms of storytelling, plot construction, story arcs, AoT (Attack on Titan) is worthy of a Stephen King thriller. And what about the soundtrack? Epic! The fights are magnified by the charisma of the characters and the story is well put together without pouring into an improbable twist. A visual snap to watch immediately.

Kuroko No Basket
Why you have to watch it: Watch out if you liked the Olive and Tom saga, chances are you’ll be hooked straight up with this anime. If you like basketball, you will be served. It is obviously a manga centered around this sport. Around a team above all, “the miracle generation”. In its day it was the best basketball team in Japan (college level). The 6 team members broke up once they got to high school, as it was the only way for them to know who was the strongest of them. Now at the head of their respective teams, their clashes promise to be daunting.

The Hero: the 6 th man of the miracle generation, genius ferryman, the aptly named Kuroko. Of the 5 miracles of the miracle generation, he is the most discreet. A central character, but almost erased from history, he is the one for whom the miracle generation was more than a team, but a family.

This anime is almost a tribute to the Japanese of this sport. Obviously, this series has established itself in front of other iconic titles in order to become a benchmark in anime centered on sports. You can also rediscover titles like Slam Dunk, Captain Tsubasa (Olive and Tom), or Haikkyu (Volley Ball). Moreover Olive and Tom have just experienced a remaster with refreshed graphics so that the youngest can discover this title which marked a whole generation.

ErasedWhy you have to watch it: forget the fights, the fights, the Japanese are also very good at telling very human stories which take place very close to us. Erased is available on Netflix. Stories with a hint of the fantastic, a combination that often hits the mark. Watching an episode of Erased will be enough to make you forget all your prejudices about Japanese animes.

The Hero: Saturo Fujinuma. It has a tone, that of going back in time. More precisely a few minutes back. This gift allows him to prevent accidents. It is precisely following one of these incidents that our hero finds himself propelled 18 years back when he was only a schoolboy. He finds there his life of yesteryear and his comrades. The opportunity or never for him to erase a drama that cost the lives of three of his best friends.

This anime will seduce you with the strength of its scenario and well-conducted intrigue. Available on Netflix, it evolves according to mature themes represented through an adult character taken back in time to relive his school years. Moreover