This person is the most appearing voice actor in the spring 2021 anime! Pay attention to Yuichiro Umehara and Azumi Waki

A 2021 spring anime featuring popular and popular works such as “My Hero Academia” and “Kingdom”. Many voice actors participate in each work, but who is the voice actor who participates in the most works? We surveyed 80 works, excluding unreleased casts and reruns, and selected the first place by gender.

As a result of the survey, the male voice actor who won first place in the number of appearances is Yuichiro Umehara, who belongs to Arts Vision. Since his debut in 2013, he has been paying attention to the role of Yufuin Smoke in “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!” And the role of Kuroo in “Young Black Jack”. With her sweet looks and low-pitched voice, she is captivated by women of all ages. Fans praised it, saying, “It looks cool at first glance, but the talk is interesting!” And “The stoic that trains the throat muscles according to the work are wonderful.” Seven of them have appeared in this spring anime, but the one that is especially expected by fans is “The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose.” This work is a story unfolded by Sei, an office worker who has been summoned as a saint to another world. Two people including Sei were summoned. Since the prince has completely passed through Say, it is a unique story of jumping out of the royal palace and living as an ordinary person, saying, “If so, can I do this freely?” It has a high reputation, such as “It’s easy to understand and nostalgic.” “Manga is very fun. It’s good to work hard while complaining.” Umehara is the court to play in this work Mashirubeshi deputy head of the delegation, Erhard・ Hawk. It’s an expressionless handsome guy who cares about the main character Sei with his younger brother Alberto Hawk, but Umehara’s fascinating bass voice is sure to bring out the charm of the character. Next, the female voice actor who won first place in the number of appearances is Azumi Waki, who belongs to the Tokyo Actor’s Life Cooperative. He passed the role of Sanae Katagiri in “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, which was auditioned for the first time, and received attention. In March of this year, he won the New Actress Award at the 15th Voice Actor Awards. It boasts idol popularity, such as being described by fans as “cuteness that makes you want to protect it” and “overwhelming clear voice and beautiful voice & singing voice”. Five of them have appeared in this spring anime, but the one that fans are most looking forward to is “300 years after defeating slime, and unknowingly reached level MAX.” Based on the popular series that won 1st place daily and 1st place weekly in “Become a Novelist” and exceeded 2 million copies in total, the goddess who felt pity for the hero who died from overwork at the young age of 27. It is a very interesting story of “another world reincarnated thing” that reincarnates in another world as an immortal witch. Waki plays in this work Flat Lute, the daughter of a blue dragon who has vowed to obey since being repulsed by the main character Azusa. Fans’ expectations are rising as a role to maximize the charm of Waki, with the cuteness that the ending is. Waki’s song “Viewtiful Days!” Has been adopted as the ending song and will be released on June 16th, so I’d like to look forward to it as well. (Yorozu-News Special Contract / KOJIMA)