“Tokyo Revengers” animation is also in great shape and it is going to explode in popularity Reasons why Takemichi’s struggle makes us cry

The anime “Tokyo Revengers,” which started broadcasting in April, is in great shape. It is ranked high every day in the ranking of each distribution site, and it is said that the original comic has been reprinted in all volumes and the cumulative total has exceeded 15 million copies.

[Scene photo] Live-action version of “Tokyo Revengers” by Takumi Kitamura’s Takemichi, Ryo Yoshizawa’s Mikey and others, “Kimetsu no Yaiba

“Which caused an unprecedented boom, and ” Jujutsu Kaisen “, which is about to be released in the movie version. The popularity of the works continues to double, but it can be said that “Tokyo Revengers” also got on the same rail. The animation has finished broadcasting up to the 4th episode, and it is an important element of this work, ” Time Leap “The mechanism of ” was revealed in earnest. The two episodes of the original comic were reduced to about one episode, and even if you were reading the original, it became a very fast-paced composition that makes you want to see the next story unintentionally. The main character, Takemichi Hanagaki, is a 26-year-old who has lived a self-deprecating life and has grown up without being enthusiastic about anything.・ The general story is to struggle to save Tachibana Hinata and the friends he spent with. More or less, if everyone “returns at that time”, “if they work harder at that time”, “again” You may have thought, “I wish I could start over.” There are few people who can become “the self I envisioned at that time.” As was the case with Takemichi, the main character of this work, the older you get, the less chance you have to take a new step. Reality cannot be redone. That’s why I think that there are many adults who put their own illusions on Takemichi’s struggle for “revenge”, which changes steadily with time leap. In anime, there is always a conscious or impressive Takemichi line in each episode. Takemichi knows the time he lost as an “adult”, such as the second episode “If I don’t change in the past and the present, nothing will change” and the third episode “There is something I can never give up”. The words echo urgently. Takemichi does not use adult memory well to capture enemies (although it may be used). Rather, Takemichi has the greatest regret of anybody. Anyway, the adult generation can’t help but get hot with the appearance of Takemichi, who regains the lost time. Also, in the 4th episode of the anime “Modern (Future)”, just as Takemichi’s best friend Aku-Kun chooses to die, this work is based on a boy’s manga, but the death of the main character is mercilessly drawn. Takemichi struggles desperately to prevent the irreversible future of death. Takemichi doesn’t have a good physique and fights aren’t strong. Even after repeated quarrels, It doesn’t get dramatically stronger either. So to speak, it is not the royal road type of the main character of shōnen manga, but because he is not superhuman, he embraces the appearance of Takemichi, and when he notices it, he immerses himself in the story.