One Piece: 8 Anime Characters Who’d Make A Great Pirate

Hands down the hardest, cleverest mavericks can make it as a privateer in the realm of One Piece. Could characters from other anime arrangement acquire a spot on board a privateer transport?

The raving success enlivened arrangement One Piece praises the privateer way of life on the high oceans. These privateers are astoundingly assorted as far as their battle strength, their Devil Fruits (assuming any), the size of their group, and surprisingly their life’s desire or character. Be that as it may, they all share a couple of things for all intents and purpose, from a solid and fight commendable boat to an adoration for loot and experience.

Innumerable One Piece characters are either privateers or have the secret sauce to get one, however could characters from other anime arrangement qualify as a privateer in the event that they wound up in Luffy’s reality? Some of them absolutely could, and they may even adversary the Straw Hat team.

8.Askeladd, The Ruthless Viking (Vinland Saga)

Generally, Viking heroes were the best privateers of middle age Europe, however they are likewise noted for their significant achievements in global exchange, investigation, and then some. A few characters from this Viking anime could without much of a stretch become all out privateers, and that incorporates Askeladd himself.

Askeladd is a heartless yet savvy and cunning marauder who can undoubtedly seek after an objective or escape his own followers no holds barred. In the One Piece world, Askeladd would disappoint the world naval force consistently, and he would have a sharp nose for which coasts to attack and which to leave behind. He’s savage however not crazy.

7.Guts, The Wandering Mercenary (Berserk)

Guts the hired fighter is another extreme however keen seinen screw-up, as Askeladd, and he has seen something reasonable of wicked battle. Guts never had an ordinary family, rather than meandering with one soldier of fortune pack after another, and he absolutely grabbed the eye of the eager Griffith.

As a privateer, Guts would be steadfast and furious and willing to slice misfortunes in the event that it ends up like that, and privateers once in a while endure misfortunes. Guts are fierce yet focused, and he is utilized to the hard existence of meandering unendingly. He’s right around a privateer effectively, even prior to boarding a boat to join the group.

6.Naruto Uzumaki, The Eternal Prankster (Naruto)

In his unique story, Naruto Uzumaki looked for authenticity and regard by turning out to be Hokage of his town. In any case, as far as character and battle style, Naruto could earn enough to pay the rent as a privateer in the One Piece world. All things considered, privateers are about imagination and opportunity.

Naruto is an unconstrained, offbeat, and imaginative youthful ninja, which experiences gotten him into difficulty and permitted him to reverse the situation on incredible foes in staggering design. In the event that he’s stuck in Luffy’s reality, he could without much of a stretch join a privateer team and divert nearby marines or gatekeepers while his shipmates grab the merchandise. At that point it’s an ideal opportunity to head out.

5.Yoruichi Shihoin, The Rogue Soul Reaper (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin is an idiosyncratic yet great hearted maverick who once filled in as the Captain of crew 2, a whole professional killer organization. Yoruichi is an expert at invasion, combative techniques, and death, and she can undoubtedly slip into hostile area, take care of business, at that point disappear like a phantom.

This would make Yoruichi a model privateer, effectively breaking into vaults or banks to grab taken products while her privateer team keeps the safeguards occupied somewhere else. She is a nonconformist who might adore the vast ocean and live like a sovereign on the high oceans.

4.Major-General Olivier Armstrong, The Heart Of Briggs (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The facts demonstrate that in the first story, Major-General Olivier Armstrong got a kick out of the chance to remain in one spot: in the steely fortification of Briggs, not too far off on the Drachma line. It’s possible, however, for Olivier to end up in the One Piece world and join either the Marines or a privateer group.

In reality, Olivier is bound to shape and lead a privateer team as opposed to join a current group, given her praiseworthy authority gifts and nerves of steel. She trusts in logic and natural selection, and she generally moves her men with this mentality. That seems like a truly flawless privateer skipper.

3.Zaheer, The Airbender Anarchist (The Legend Of Korra)

Zaheer, an individual from the Red Lotus association, resembles a conceived privateer. He is a revolutionary who says that “the common request is jumble,” and sufficiently sure, privateers are mavericks who make up their own standards and sow disagreement wherever they go. No privateer could at any point twist the knee to any administration or ruler.

This rebel Airbender previously lived like a land-based privateer in his own reality, and on the off chance that he wound up in the One Piece world, it would be his pleasure to join a solid group and loot the wealth of neighborhood medieval masters, blue-bloods, rulers, sovereigns, and despots. He has the battle abilities to see him through any fight, as well.

2.Stain, The Hero Killer (My Hero Academia)

Quite possibly the most hazardous rebels in the whole courageous world is Stain, a professional killer who kills master saints whom he considers shameful of the cape. He is to a great extent a scalawag, yet Stain doesn’t look for global control. All things considered, he considers himself to be a vital countermeasure to ruin and shifty legends.

Given Stain’s free nature, it’s not difficult to envision him framing a little privateer group of similar plunderers to meander the oceans on a subtle boat, killing degenerate Marine officials or blue-bloods on various islands along the Grand Line.

1.Lupin III, Master Thief (Lupin III)

Lupin III is now an expert criminal, which would make him a characteristic fit for any conventional privateer team in the One Piece world. Lupin III is generally OK with vehicles, guns, and flattering individuals, and he can utilize these abilities and more to attack beach front networks or bring down the most devilish privateers out there (privateers can turn on different privateers).

Lupin III might not have a Devil Fruit or other wizardry powers, yet he is profoundly creative, thinks ahead, and can without much of a stretch ad lib an arrangement to get in or out of any circumstance with his life. Any privateer team will get rich rapidly on the off chance that they invite Lupin into their positions.