Young Sheldon Season 4 Episode 4: Paige Returns to the Show

Fandoms that stem off bigger ones that are already in existence don’t make it big in many cases. Young Sheldon, it’s fair to say, does not fall under this category. Following the younger days of The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper, this spin-off has garnered its own fandom.

Young Sheldon: Things you should know

Young Sheldon is a sitcom that initially aired in 2017, aiming at being a prequel to the life and times of aforementioned Sheldon Cooper. It is created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro and features Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper, Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr., Montana Jordan as George “Georgie” Cooper Jr., and Raegan Revord as Melissa “Missy” Cooper. The cast also features multiple other popular stars as recurring characters throughout the show.

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon Cooper

The show currently has four seasons, with the fourth one currently in the midst of being aired. Fans of Young Sheldon are quite excited about this development as the show is one that has been gradually widening its fan base in both count and diversity.

Young Sheldon Season 4

The first episode of Season 4 aired on the 5th of November this year, titled “Graduation.” As of today, the show has successfully aired four episodes, with the fifth one ready to premiere on the 17th of December. The audience has been left asking for more and have taken to the internet to discuss their own theories on what could potentially take place in the 5th episode.

In the previous episode of Young Sheldon, we saw his long time tormentor Paige return to get the storyline moving. In the episode titled ‘Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love,’ we witnessed Sheldon and Missy being sent to Bible Camp by their mother, Mary. Having arrived at Bible Camp, Sheldon then had a chance encounter with Paige, who soon became extremely competitive with him over Bible quiz trivia. The rest of the episode revolved around this new development along with a focus on other arcs surrounding various characters.

young sheldon cast
Mary, Sheldon and George Cooper

The fifth episode goes by the title ‘A Musty Crypt and a Stick to Pee On’ and will take off where we last left these characters at. According to the synopsis, the episode will deal with Dale and Meemaw working out already established issues in their relationship while playing Sheldon’s parents Mary and George take a trip. Sheldon and Missy play Dungeons and Dragons with Dale and Meemaw while everyone is out and about their business.

The group will be back on screen before we even know it, with Sheldon’s hilarious remarks all set to leave us doubling over with laughter. The series has proven to be a sort of getaway for fans of The Big Band Theory, and we assume that this is the reason why it’s been so well received by the audience. The new season has garnered great feedback thus far, and we are sure that when episode five finally premieres, the reaction would be just the same!

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