Pokemon Journeys: New Episodes To Premiere on Netflix In 2020

Pokemon Journeys Netflix

Netflix subscription members are going to have more into their bucket with the exciting entry of Pokémon Journeys seasons. Yes, Pokémon Journeys is coming back to Netflix. And it’s a real Santa gift for Christmas this year. It’s right that the show is coming just in time for Christmas with a new compact package of episodes dropping on Netflix. 

But this is only in the United States in December 2020. This news is not updated outside the United States. Till now, the first 12 episodes of Pokémon Journeys are available to watch over on Netflix for U.S. fans. More 12 episodes will come later, so fans have to wait for that. Pokémon Journeys s is the exclusive long-running animated sword. It is the 23rd season of the most loved animated series. 

The series featured courageous Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum with his loyal Pikachu. Netflix announcement was made in April 2020 for the Pokémon Journeys that it would premiere in the United States on 12th June 2020. To know more about this exclusive animated Pokémon Journeys series, read the article till the end.

Pokemon Journeys Netflix Related Update 

Pokemon Journeys Netflix

It’s a reminder for Netflix users, Netflix has only received this exclusive edition for US rights to Pokemon Journeys’ seasons in 2020. Before arriving for Netflix complete batches, the Pokemon Journeys series first airs in Japan on TV Tokyo. As the press release mentions, the original aired episode will only arrive for the United States quarterly release on Netflix. So far, two parts of ‘Pokemon Journeys’ have arrived on Netflix.

Part one series arrived in June 2020, and part 2 arrived in September 2020. The announcement was made this year; hence the episodes coming for Netflix have started only after the confirmation of release.

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Pokemon Journeys Netflix

Part 3 of Pokemon Journeys is coming up with 12 episodes on Netflix. Part 3 will arrive on 4th December 2020. We know how much the fans have appreciated the Pokemon journeys series. So it’s been a headline for the fans to watch the series over Netflix. Fans willing to watch the series must need a subscription account over Netflix. This is more fun for fans as the release over Netflix is dated for December, which is going to be a Christmas gift for fans.

Pokemon Journeys Seasons Updates

Pokemon Journeys Netflix

The 23rd season of Pokemon journeys aired on 17th November 2019 on Tokyo tv. The series work with the protagonist Pokemon with his Pikachu. The series has gained a lot of life from fans. A lot means millions of viewers across the world. Every kid has been a great fan of the series for a long, long time. The internationally famous animated series making Netflix release has excited many of the viewers of Netflix as well.

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