Call of Duty: Mobile Raid Map Announced For 2021 Spring

One of the most popular game, Call of Duty: Mobile, has made a recent announcement for Raid map this year. The game developers have announced that Call of Duty: Mobile will be bringing our taste back for the Christmas-themed version, which will consist of its popular Raid map. 

This is Called Raid-Holiday, considering a new map that displays a snowy-makeover of the spring season competing with Christmas-themed additions, including lights, presents, snowmen, and a Christmas feel for fans. Well, a note is needed to accept that Call of Duty: Mobile introduced the map last year only. It was a seasonal addition to the map for Call of Duty: Mobile, which is quite similar to the Halloween-themed version of the October release. To know more about the Call of Duty: Mobile Raid map, read the article till the end.

Upcoming Call Of Duty: Mobile Raid Map For 2020 Christmas 

Call Of Duty: Mobile Raid Map

Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile is not only presenting a winter-spring edition, as it has some more to explore this time. Developers introduced a teaser a few weeks back as an addition to the map coming soon along with the eagle-eyed players, which manage to deduct that it might be of the Russian version of the classic known Nuketown map.

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Nuketown map version of the map was presented in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This version featured the exact layout from the classic map. But for Call of Duty: Mobile, the snowy layout has been selected along with the Russian-style buildings and locomotives. Although, there remains confusion about whether this will temporarily replace the ongoing version of Nuketown or be available as a selection button. 

Call of Duty: Mobile is coming to us within a few weeks, but there are no particular details given for this update. But players can expect some new weapons, skins, characters, and more in the game.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Game Updates 

Call Of Duty: Mobile Raid Map

Call of Duty: Mobile was announced last year in March 2019. Timi Studios, the subsidiary of Tencent Games, worked as the leading developer for Call of Duty: Mobile. A complete list was announced for the game’s features during the announcement of this game. Some features were exactly like the console games.

Call of Duty: Mobile: Raid map is one of the most interesting ones for Christmas this year. The game features two in-game currencies and a battle pass. Call of Duty: Mobile officially released in most of the other regions on October 1, 2019. Call of Duty: Mobile includes many playable modes and characters into it. Although the Call of Duty: Mobile zombie mode was removed, it didn’t reach its fans’ expectation levels.

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