Vikings Season 6: Part 2 to go through major changes

The pandemic had delayed the production of lots of movies and TV shows, and the same stood true for part 2 of Vikings season 6. With fans wondering if the second part of the season would come out any time soon with the kind of wet blanket that the health crisis had been, news regarding the release of the same have started doing the rounds on the internet.

Vikings: the cast and plot

Vikings is a historical drama series created by Michael Hirst starring Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgård, and Gabriel Byrne.


The plot deals with the story of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most popular Norse Vikings of his time, and in the show, Ragnar is a small-town farmer who quickly rises to fame due to his many exploits in England. He eventually goes on to become a Scandinavian king, with massive support from his kinsmen. The seasons that follow portray Ragnor and his family’s legacy – his sons and the generations to come.

Vikings: what is the deal so far?

Thus far, the show has put out a total of six seasons, with the first part of the last season consisting of 10 episodes. The latest season saw the arrival of Jarl Thorkell in Vestfold. King Olaf initially welcomed him while Gunnhild seeks out Lagertha, who tells them of Hali’s death. She then decides to stay put and fight for the village along with her friends. In the meantime, Hvitserk encounters a new vision of Thora, which leads him to take an oath to avenge her by murdering Ivar.

vikings s6
Vikings Season 6

The intensity of the events that had taken place in part one had left the audience wanting for more. While the production did begin as intended, it was put off until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why is it in the limelight now?

To the surprise of many a fan, it was recently announced that the series – which initially streamed in History TV – will now be taken over by Amazon Prime video, where the second part of season 6 will air first before moving over to History.

The next installment was rumored to premiere in 2021 due to the delay caused by the pandemic, but the streaming platform has announced that the audience will get to watch it in late 2020! Adding to this, it was also announced that all ten episodes of the series would be aired at the same time, leaving no buffer space between one episode and another like the series usually does. This next part of the series will later drop in History at some point in early 2021.

While this news has brought joy to most of the fans who did not want to wait any longer to witness the Viking charm, it has also brought a whole bunch of confusion amongst people because this is a huge change coming at a much later point in the progression of the series. All this said and done; it cannot be denied that the entirety of the audience is now at the edge of their seats, waiting for the next part to drop!

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