Big Mouth Season 4: Tackling new themes like racism and mental health

big mouth s4

Adult animated series and movies have been the rage for quite a while now. Be it ones like The Simpsons or those that are Daria’s likes, people have grown to watch and love these works of entertainment. 2020 has been a bountiful year for those of us that are fans of this genre, with Big Mouth season 4 having premiered on Netflix.

What is Big Mouth, and who is involved?

Big Mouth is a Netflix Original animated series created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The characters are voiced by popular stars like John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jenny Slate.

big mouth
Big Mouth

It is a coming of age series that circles around a bunch of 7th graders. Best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, being a part of this group of teens, navigate life as they come face-to-face with several adolescent-related ideas and ideals in a suburban part of New York City.

Big Mouth Season 4: what have the makers offered?

Ever since the drop of season 3 in 2019, fans waited for the next season to air. The Coronavirus pandemic had made fans doubtful of the season premiere this year, but the makers had again succeeded in leaving us in awe as they delivered the new season right on time. The new season finally hit the screens on the 4th of December this year.

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big mouth season 4
Big Mouth Season 4

Season 4 consists of 10 episodes and includes a whole bunch of new characters and plotlines. The new season has given fans more than they asked for, with the cast featuring guest stars like John Oliver, Maria Bamford, and Seth Rogen. The already hilarious show just took it up a notch by incorporating the unique personalities of these artists onto the characters they play. The new season also said goodbye to some of the original cast members as the characters are almost entering grade 8. Missy will now be played by Ayo Edebiri, with Jenny Slate – the original voice actor – wanting to make sure that the character of a black girl is played by a black person themselves.

What else is new?

It is true that all forms of art have a social responsibility towards the audience. Good entertainment is one that tackles sensitive and timely societal problems in a manner that is intense yet easy to digest for a mass audience. Big Mouth has aimed to do just that with season 4 of the series.

As mentioned earlier, stars Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate have left the cast to make room for black people to play characters belonging to their own race. Apart from this, the season has incorporated new themes surrounding racism, mental health, sexuality, and drug abuse.

That being said, the show also tried to deliver these messages in a sensitive manner in order to not trigger the audience too much. Although this is a respectable decision to make, the impact of these themes was somewhat lessened by these choices. Nonetheless, it would only be fair to state that the new season completely and wholly delivered everything the audience asked for and more – making it a huge success in our books and yours!

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