Omar Sharif Jr to feature in Baker and the Beauty Season 3 – Production underway

As far as creative titles go, we can say that Baker and the Beauty take the cake! Okay, don’t click off just yet…it wasn’t that bad a pun! What we are getting at is this, everyone’s favorite Israeli series Baker and the Beauty has received the green light for its next season, and we are here to get all the juicy details to you!

First off, Beauty and the Baker is a romantic-comedy series that began its journey on the 23rd of November 2013. There are currently two seasons of the series available for viewers to stream, and the makers have recently revealed that a third season is underway. Created by Assi Azar, the series features Aviv Alush as Amos Dahari, Rotem Sela as Noa Hollander, Mark Ivanir as Tzvika Granot, Dar Zuzovsky as Eden, and many others. The show has garnered an audience from all over the world – a huge feat for a piece of work that is not euro-centric and is of a language other than English. It has seen a couple of adaptations over the years, with the American version being the most popular.

baker and the beauty
Aviv Alush in Baker and the Beauty

The premise follows the love affair of baker Amos Dahari (Alush) and heiress Noa Hollander (Sela) after they meet at a Tel Aviv. Season one and two have set up the premise for the next installment, with the first highlighting the challenges they face to save the relationship from the grasps of Amos’ ex-girlfriend Vanessa (Saada) and Noa’s agent Tzvika (Ivanir), while the latter follows the strain on their relationship caused by the actions of Noa’s father and his scheming assistant, Eden who also conspire to break them up. This is a solid set-up for the next season, which will deal with whatever plotline was established previously. The fans have grown to love the chemistry between Amos and Noa and can’t wait to get more of it. It has been working in favor of the series, and we can see the audience rooting for them throughout.

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With star Omar Sharif Jr joining Baker and the Beauty as part of the main cast, all attention has been shifted to the show once again. The shooting is still underway, with a chunk of the work being delayed due to the global health crisis; nonetheless, with the world slowly trying to work its way around the situation, we can hope for the production to begin in full swing once again. Although there has been no news on the new season’s release date, we can expect it to drop any time towards the end of next year – leaving a good amount of leeway for any delays the makers might face due to the pandemic.

Omar Sharif Jr
Omar Sharif Jr joins the cast of Baker and the Beauty

What impressed fans when it comes to Baker and the Beauty is how easily the makers were able to take a trope as common as this and incorporate it into a very traditional Israeli environment, all while thinking out of the box with the comedic part of it. The series somehow manages to be the best of both worlds when it comes to romantic comedy. It would be interesting for a foreign audience to see just how much both the actual environment and the artistic part of Israeli entertainment are compared to the things they are used to consuming.

Baker and the Beauty is one of those shows that people have come to love despite the cultural differences they get to witness, and if the makers could play this to their advantage, season 3 would prove to be a smashing success – whenever it drops.

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