Gotham Season 6: When can fans expect the sixth season?

gotham season 6

It is no secret that shows that have had a successful run over many years and multiple seasons establish a well-rooted and loyal fandom amongst the general public. This holds true for the fan-favorite action series, Gotham.

Gotham: What is it?

Gotham is an action-drama series directed by T.J. Scott that initially aired in 2014. It is developed by Bruno Heller and produced by Warner Bros. Based on much-beloved characters from the DC comics, the series has been extremely successful ever since it initially aired. This series is intended as a prequel to the entire Batman saga – although it would be amusing to note that the character of Bruce Wayne was included only much later into the development of the series.

Gotham: Cast

The plot of the series revolves around the origin of the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), its infamous Commissioner James Gordon, and all of its villains that any DC fan would know of. His acquaintance with Bruce Wayne begins as he is assigned to investigate the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne – Bruce’s parents.

Who is involved, and what’s next?

Gotham’s cast features a wide range of extremely popular stars who are great at what they do. There is, of course, Ben McKenzie as James Gordon and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne – two of the star characters of Gotham, but the series also sees a bunch of others that make an appearance as and when the plot calls for it when the series progresses.

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gotham season 6
Gotham: will there be a season 6?

With season 5 of Gotham coming to an end in 2019, fans assumed that it would be the end of Gotham, but doubts arose regarding this assumption when the final episode ended on a bizarre note. The fans were dissatisfied with this ending, and the thought that there is more to our favorite superheroes and supervillains of Gotham city became stronger as the days went by.

However, HBO has not announced the new season just yet, but this has not stopped fans from coming up with new plotlines and arcs for a potential season 6 of the series. What most people hope to see is the chemistry between Gordon and Wayne (as Batman) and a whole new saga of them fighting the troublemakers in the city as a team.

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Will there be a season 6?

Gotham’s makers have not attempted announcing a new season, even with the ending with the massive twist. Fans have been rallying for a new season for quite some time now as most believe that it is the only smart move to make if the makers are looking at a well-established storyline that comes a full circle.

All of this said and done; critics believe that Gotham will not return to screens any time soon – if ever. Bruno Heller is also currently working on a series based on Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, which has already gained quite a fandom in its 2 season run.

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