RTX 3090 And 3080: Gigabyte Marks the Debut of Water Cooled External GPUs

RTX 3090 And RTX 3080

RTX has been releasing numerous graphic card designs for users this year. A few days back, some updates of big Navi and more others into the lines have been made. Gamers with such graphic cards are getting much excited for better updates of this year. 

Reportedly Gigabyte has claimed that it has created the world’s first water-cooled external GPU by using Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards. Well known Aorus RTX Gaming Box is consisting of the RTX 3090 or the RTX 3080. These are inside a large case that can be easily carried around and connected to laptops or desktop PCs. 

Once it’s plugged in, the box can then feeds up the device’s graphics data over a Thunderbolt 3 connection for a better gaming experience or 3D animation workloads. So all gamers wanting to know more about it must read the article till the end.

RTX 3090 Or The RTX 3080 Price 

RTX 3090 And RTX 3080

The product RTX 3090 or the RTX 3080 will be appearing to be at a refresh of last year’s Aorus Gaming Box. It will be an 8-pound unit that consists of Nvidia’s older RTX 2080 Ti card inside. It recently retails for a roughly known price range of 2,272. 

But it’s also available for a higher price which features having an external GPU that is not only easily portable but also works silently. So that the gamers aren’t going to be disturbed anymore. 

It’s all possible due to the all-in-one new advanced Aorus Waterforce cooling system inside. It’s really a well advanced graphic card for gamers. The company during an announcement claims that they will take care of not only the GPU but they will also take a look over the VRAM and MOSFET to assure a complete stable operation and for longer sustaining capacity. 

RTX 3090 or The RTX 3080 External Water Cool GPU Feature With Other Additional Features 

RTX 3090 And RTX 3080

The cooling system’s specifications have a large copper plate, a 240mm aluminum radiator, and two 120mm fans. This isn’t the end as it’s also coming with a pump and water block for efficient and better cooling features and a low noise level. It even features the Thunderbolt 3 high-speed transmission interface for better-built class connectivity for users. 

This feature will allow the gamers and creatives alike to transfer the whole power of a full-sized system with an Ultrabook without any consequences. So it’s cleared that players can now easily play games with RTX enabling it on an Ultrabook. 

It’s a completely new feature coming forward to the gamers, which makes gamers happy more. For all those players who like RGB, the AORUS GAMING BOX will have the features of a little RGB lighting controlled coming through the AORUS engine and RGB Fusion 2.0. Of this year.

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