Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson to grace screens with Reminiscence


2021 might finally be the year fans of science fiction get their shot at glory. Why? You ask us. Well, we have all the answers like we always do.

Reminiscence is the latest science fiction film to become the talk of the town, and you best believe that there is a reason behind its growing popularity. The Hugh Jackman-Rebecca Ferguson starrer is set for release on the 16th of April 2021, and fans seem to grow more excited by the minute.

hugh and rebecca
Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson arrive at the big screens in 2021

Apart from Jackman and Ferguson, the cast also consists of Daniel Wu, Nico Parker, Thandie Newton, and many others. Written and directed by Lisa Joy – best known for working on the hit series Westworld – the movie is running on a budget of $68 million.

The movie follows the story of Nicolas Bannister (Hugh Jackman). Nicolas, or “Nick,” as people call him, is your ideal veteran – he is rugged, likes being left alone, and leads a pretty normal life. Except, he doesn’t. Living in a futuristic setting in Miami, he offers people services that allow them to relive any memory they wish to. When he meets Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), everything changes for Nick; he falls in love with her and figures out that another client’s memories could potentially put her in life-threatening situations. He now has to embark on a journey to protect Mae and uncover some unnerving truths that could be hard to digest.

daniel wu
Daniel Wu to play the bad guy in Reminiscence

At this point, you might wonder what exactly makes Reminiscence unique in the sci-fi realm? The film will see a set up that is extremely futuristic yet easy to grasp. Reminiscence will not only be one of the only sci-fi films that are to premiere then but will also feature an aesthetic that is common amongst films of this genre but will not be part of works that the audience would potentially witness alongside this film.

The movie also has strong currents of romance, which comes as a part of its charm and appeal, giving it a shot at being the next The Time Traveler’s Wife. That being said, it would not make much sense for critics (and fans) and fans to jump to conclusions at this early hour with a buffer period of more than half a year remaining for us to catch a glimpse of this film in theatres. The most exciting part of watching a film of this kind in theatres is the sense of exhilaration and mental stimulation it provides the audience with, which works wonders for someone that is looking for a complete viewing experience. With powerful performers like Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, and Daniel Wu, we can expect the film to be one that features a good deal of this stimulating content that we are speaking of.

The chemistry between the characters Nicolas and Mae would be something to watch out for when the movie premieres in 2021. We would also witness Jackman going against Daniel Wu in an interesting battle of wits and more.

It has been a minute since fans of the sci-fi genre were treated to a film that had both style and substance. We strongly believe that the audience deserves a work of science fiction that is worth their time, money, and intellectual exertion. With Reminiscence, we hope that this plea of ours gets answered to some extent, if not completely!

Vijayalakshmi Devanathan
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