Joker 2 – Arkham Asylum Is Going To Play A Huge Role In the Sequel

Joker 2

We all know that Joker has been the most lovable and memorable movie of the time. Joker was the most desired profitable comic book movie ever made in history. Sounding this good movie has made up the earning over a billion dollars at the box office, which turned out the movie to become the highest-grossing R-rated title in history.

So it’s completely understandable how much a small detail from the sequel can bounce all over the internet within a few hours. And it’s also understandable by Warner Bros. as well, and that’s why they are proudly announcing to get a Joker sequel off. This is going to be as soon as possible.

The theory-based psychological movie has completely generated a new way of thinking among the viewers. So after looking into such anticipation, we have collected all possible details from the upcoming joker 2. Arkham Asylum joining the movie has now become a sensation over the internet. Here we have shared all hints about this addition altogether.

Arkham Asylum Joining Joker 2

Joker 2

Despite having the rumors spreading globally around last year, we have not received any confirmation from the Joker’s moviemakers. But the way Joker’s conclusion has already given us a small hint that it might return with the sequel soon. We actually don’t know when it will back and what will be its release date, but it is going to happen, and now some of the casts are also getting added to the list. Joaquin Phoenix’s heart sensation role, which made him a global star and award-winning role, isn’t forgettable this soon.

Joker 2

Thankfully some reveals have confirmed that it might get a shoot on the famous DC Universe location as its focal point. Arkham asylum is reportedly joining the joker 2 for a big role this time. 

We don’t have much information regarding what role he is going to play, but we know it’s a light for the sequel and a Great entry to the movie as well. Together we can say the global movie will be making fans again go crazy for the release.

Joker 2 Release Date Update And Much More

Joker 2

As of now, no release date updates have been shared from the makers of joker 2. But we know soon they will, and a much-awaited trailer is also from the movie makers. Joker was earlier directed by Todd Philips, who is also working for the sequel this time. Reportedly Warner Bro’s pictures will have great distributes for this upcoming movie too.

Joker was released over two different dates on 31st August 2019, Venice, and 4th October 2019, US. Looking into the tease dates, we can speculate that Joker 2 might get a release date for summer 2021. We know it’s a bit earlier, but Warner Bros are actually not taking any risks to hurt their fans anymore.

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