The Boss Baby: Family Business to drop in 2021

boss baby 2

We’ve spoken to you about a bunch of animated films that are to drop next year, but we have a confession to make – we haven’t been as excited about them the way we are about The Boss Baby: Family Business. Don’t get us wrong, we are waiting to catch all of the films that are to premiere next year, but there is something about an “adult” baby in a suit that just makes us want to storm theatres as soon as possible.

The film, which is an animated comedy (duh) is scheduled for release on the 26th of March 2021 by Universal Pictures. The film has taken inspiration from a picture book of the same name by writer Marla Frazee and if there is one thing we like on this side of the river; it is adaptations done just right.

The Boss Baby: Family Business – All We Know So Far

boss baby 1
The Boss Baby 1

DreamWorks Animation is producing the movie and the plot follows Tim (James Marsden) and baby brother Ted (Alec Baldwin) who have now become adults and have strayed away from each other. While Tim is both married and a dad, Ted is a successful CEO of a corporation. Tim and wife Carol (Eva Longoria) live in the suburbs with their baby daughter Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt) and new infant Tina (Amy Sedaris).

Tabitha is super-smart and is enrolled at the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood. She wants to be just like her uncle Ted. What happens when we find out that she is actually a secret agent for BabyCorp, on a high-end mission to expose her school and its founder (Jeff Goldblum)? We will have to watch the movie to find out!

boss baby cast
Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Greenblatt, and Eva Longoria cast in The Boss Baby 2

Going by the premise, we can say that the film will potentially take on the original aesthetic and punchline of the previous Boss Baby – making it something to be enjoyed by people belonging to a vast demographic. The Boss Baby franchise is unique since they have taken up an idea that stands out and has made something palatable to a mass audience. This is even more appreciable if you factor in the film’s target audience – which is essentially kids. Making a movie adaptation for kids is that much harder simply because it has to be both entertaining and easy to understand at the same time. The Boss Baby 1 has already proven that it is capable of delivering this and more, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it manages to do it again.

So there you have it, folks, The Boss Baby: Family Business is all set to rock your world, and we hope that the pandemic doesn’t put a wet blanket on all of our enthusiasm – the movie is truly meant to be enjoyed in theatres with your kids, family, friends and loved ones. Animated films have a special way of striking a wee chord, and we can’t wait to witness it first-hand again!

For more updates on The Boss Baby: Family Business, watch this space!

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