Jackass 4 to premiere in 2021, All You Must Know

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Based on an MTV reality series, the Jackass films have become something of a phenomenon by themselves. After a successful run of 3 films, the 4th one is set to drop next year. Here is everything you need to know about Jackass 4.

Jackass: The Series

As mentioned earlier, the movies are based on the popular MTV prank show of the same name. With Johnny Knoxville in the lead, the movies follow him heading a group of people who prank each other and people outside the group under the illusion of fun. The movies are directed by Jeff Tremaine and are produced by Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, and Tremaine himself.

Jackass: The Movie

Jackass cast, crew, and more:

The movies have retained the majority of the cast from the MTV series along with crew head Johnny Knoxville. This by itself has helped the movie get into the good books of the fans because they can now continue watching their favorite stars do their thing, long after the show completed its run.

Some famous faces from the movie apart from Knoxville include Steve- O, Ryan Dunn, Chris Pontius, and Bam Margera.

The movie is different from others of its kind solely because the audience could never fully guess the movie’s plot or what comes next until it happens in real-time. This leaves room for a sense of mystery that works well for the movie. That, and some other genuine segments funny enough to make us laugh, is enough to make the movie one that people would pay to watch in theatres.

jackass movie
Jackass 4 to premiere in 2021

Jackass 4: when does it drop, and what should we expect?

The movie is all set to premiere on the 3rd of September 2021, a delay in release due to the pandemic, although this has not caused any obvious changes in scheduling, post-production.

The film will continue the general Jackass tirade with more pranks, adventures, and hilarity. One of the best things about a film like ‘Jackass’ is how it could be watched with minimal effort. It is one of those films a person could watch when they do not want to put too much on their plate, not follow a complicated plotline, and just want to have a good time.

The film is returning after a long break of 9 years and has gotten fans of the series all riled up for good. The pranksters are older, but they haven’t given up their antics just yet. With the group returning after missing in action for almost a decade, we can all hope that they bring newer, better, and bigger stunts to the screens. Fans are expecting action of a kind that they have never seen before but with the classic Jackass, touch lingering in every nook and cranny.

For a series of films that follow the classic prank show structure, Jackass 4 sure has many people rooting for it. Although it seems like mindless entertainment, there is thought and substance that makes the Jackass films exactly what fans love the most. One would expect the excitement to die down as time goes by, but we can see the exact opposite happening here. Whenever Jackass 4 hits the screen, we can sure see fans show up in large groups to watch their favorite pranksters pull impossible stunts.

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