Mission: Impossible 7 – Ethan Hunt to return in 2021

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It is a great time for everyone to see Tom Cruise as part of action movies. Along with the much-awaited Top Gun 2, we are now also looking forward to the premiere of Mission: Impossible 7 in 2021.

The movie will see Tom Cruise returning to screens as the beloved Ethan Hunt while the rest of the cast includes stars Vanessa Kirby, Hayley Atwell, Simon Pegg, and many others. This new installment of Mission: Impossible will continue the story of Agent Ethan Hunt and his extensive team of super-hero like personalities. The new movie will feature new plotlines, new adventures, and potential new characters that fans could get a chance to witness on the big screens once the premiere drops.

Mission Impossible 7 Set In Venice
Mission: Impossible stars on set in Venice

We know now that the shoot for the new film is still in process, with Tom Cruise being spotted in Venice’s streets not very long ago, interacting with fans post-scenes and goofing around. The makers have not hinted at a potential date for the filming to wrap up yet, but when it does wrap up, we can assume it to be sometime in late 2020 to early 2021. While we wait for the shooting and post-production procedures to come to an end, we also see fans take wild guesses at what the title of the seventh installment of the Mission: Impossible films will be.

The Mission: Impossible movies are something of a phenomenon in themselves. Give the cult following that the films and the icon characters have, we aren’t surprised to see the level of monitoring that the fans and paparazzi are doing with the filming of stunts for the seventh installment. Tom Cruise confirmed with media personnel that said stunts in this next release would be better than we could ever imagine, with the makers filming in various locations that involve both mountains and low-key setups like alleyways and tiny streets.

tom cruise
The team was seen wearing masks while filming stunts

What makes this movie much more interesting is the fact that we already know that there will be a Mission: Impossible 8 dropping right after the premiere of the new film. This has made it clear to us that Cruise’s stint as Ethan Hunt is not over yet. From the looks of it, if anything, it is just starting to get more entertaining. And if you’ve watched the last six installments of the blockbuster film franchise, you know that this statement holds a lot of depth.

The films will be made back to back, with the shooting for the 8th installment all set to begin as soon as the seventh film wraps up post-production. The new missions will probably be more interesting and interlinked than the last ones if we look at the lengths; the team will make the stunts and the scenes as eye-catching as possible. Hunt is probably Cruise’s most memorable role on-screen, and if we know anything about him, it is that he would not give us a half-baked performance at a time when fans are neck-deep in the cinematic universe.

At a time when the entire world is struggling to find a footing, it is commendable that the Mission: Impossible team is still set on bringing the movies to the big screens in time. But will this be made possible in 2021? Watch this space to know!

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