Vigor Season 6: New maps, tools and All You Need to Know


It’s been quite a while since gaming stans had received something that was a bang for the buck. But fortunately, gamers need to worry no more with the drop of Vigor 6 imminent.

If you are a gaming enthusiast or even someone that’s been around gamers, chances are you’ve heard of Vigor. So what exactly is it? Vigor is a free-of-cost game that is set in Norway in post-war times. It is multiplayer and was originally developed for Xbox one by Bohemia Interactive. It describes itself as a “shoot-and-loot” game where you are instructed to do just that: shoot and loot. The game has attracted a massive crowd in its stint since 2018, with five seasons already under its belt. The 6th and new season is one that fans are eagerly looking forward to as it already looks promising and fun.

vigor season 6
The new release has featured a number of new features including new maps

Junkers, season 6 of Vigor, is truly a treat for fans of the game, with a lot of new and improved feature debuting with this installment. A few of these are new weapons like the sawed-off shotgun, RPK-74, a new fighting knife, and ZA M76. It also includes a new achievements tab, shelter mini-game, and other new tools. A lot of issues and bugs that the users faced in the last five installments have also been addressed and fixed, making the game much smoother and easier to play.

Talking about themes, as the name suggests, the theme that this game is based on is junkers. They are the raiders of Anikken, and their primary skill is making do with whatever they find and living with it. Apart from the features mentioned above, what’s exciting about Junkers is how it will include a brand new map for you to make use of. The game, which was released on the 11th of November 2020, is already popular amongst gamers of this genre. With more live streaming and gameplay by popular gamers, people are pleased with whatever Bohemia Interactive has done with season 6 of Vigor. “While gearing up for this update, together with Vigor’s PlayStation release, a few unfinished features had to temporarily fall by the wayside. However, the future is very bright with two huge features being tested internally at the moment, which we hope will be available in the next update,” says Bohemia Interactive, talking about Vigor 6: Junkers.

vigor 6
Vigor 6, released earlier this month, is quick to become a fan favourite

All in all, the new installment of the game is enhanced in a way that has garnered many players’ approval. The makers mention that the new season was originally inspired by classic cult movies, and taking the aesthetics and the overall set up of the game – we can see what they really mean.

The gaming community calls a spade a spade and does not entertain sugar coating reviews or comments about new releases. With most reviews about Vigor 6 being extremely positive, we can only trust the fans and critics and conclude that the makers have really delivered everything the users asked for. Although it is really early to judge the game’s success – seeing that it’s only been a couple of days since its release – it would be fair to assume that it is the new fan favorite.

For updates about new developments in the Vigor universe, watch this space!

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