Dave Season 2: Lil Dicky fans in for a treat as new season approaches


With everything that’s going down in the world, a good laugh is all we need. And what better way to secure that than a good old series, giving you god-tier comedy. Dave season 2 is here to do just that.

Dave’s plot follows a man who thinks that he could potentially be a good rapper, a great rapper even. Now, all he has to do is convince the people around him and, in turn, the whole world of this little theory that he is so sure of. The series follows the hilarious turn of events that occur as he goes about doing this. The cast consists of Lil Dicky as Dave, Taylor Misiak as Ally, and Christine Ko as Emma. The series, which is available for streaming on Hotstar, is a hit amongst fans of this genre. This series also attracts fans because it is semi-autobiographical, meaning it tells the story of rapper Lil Dicky’s claim to fame in a more audience-friendly and palatable manner.

lil dicky
Rapper Lil Dicky to return to our screens in 2021

Although there is no set date for the release of Dave 2, sources suggest that it is likely to premiere in mid or late 2021. This is one of the few comedy series that will premiere around the time, making it stand out amongst the throng of other releases. The series is also one of a kind when we look at the above mentioned autobiographical nature of it.

All of this said, what else can we expect from the new installment of Dave? Well, ripping comedy, a pinch of sentimentality, and a dash of inspiration, of course. The plot is also extremely gripping and hooks the audience from the very beginning. At the end of Dave season 1, we saw the viewers rooting for this improbable icon and hoping against hope that all odds go in his favor. If we have gauged this right, Dave 2 will try everything to feed this sentiment and draw energy from it. In the instance of this happening, we can easily see where the series would go with its storyline.

GaTa and Lil Dicky
Rappers GaTa and Lil Dicky

We can also look forward to catching a glimpse of a little bit of the scene set for the next season when the makers finally decided to drop the trailer. The anticipation surrounding Dave 2 is one that can only be felt by diehard fans of the comedy series. Like many underdogs, Dave is one of those pieces of entertainment that has a niche audience. But this has not stopped it from topping all forms of rating in every major platform. It would only be fair to say that the series has the potential to garner more fans by the time season 2 premieres or even reach a larger set of the target audience when it comes out in 2021.

Lil Dicky had been lauded for his performance in Dave even when it first premiered in March 2020. It had been a breakthrough TV show for many of the cast members. We could easily say even the groups that did not like him all that much as a musician seemed to love him as an actor. If we take a closer, careful look at all of these factors, we can see that Dave 2 is already set out for success. However, whether it would retain this or not can only be witnessed when it arrives at our screens.

Vijayalakshmi Devanathan
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