Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander to reprise her role as Lara Croft

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It’s been years since Lara Croft became a household name but gone are the days when people associated it with Angeline Jolie and Angelina Jolie alone. With 2018 bringing in a new reboot with Alicia Vikander in the lead, the script was flipped. Whether the film was a success or not is not fundamental to the discussion since the movie opened up a lot of new opportunities for the Tomb Raider franchise.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Tomb Raider 2 has Alicia Vikander reprising her role as Lara Croft with Ben Wheatley directing it. It stands to say that the direction style would be at least a little (if not a lot) different from the director of the previous installment, Roar Uthaug.

Tomb Raider 2 All we know so far

tomb raider 2018
Tomb Raider, 2018

What will the plot be?

The plot of Tomb Raider 2 would potentially be a continuation of the previous film in the franchise (duh!). The film could see Lara battle the original villain from the movie, Trinity, trying to stop them from releasing a deadly virus from the tombs and into the world – as seen in the previous movie. However, we do not know if this is the trope that the makers would follow since, as mentioned earlier, the new Croft film is full of untapped potential, making it a treasure trove of experimentation and exploration. If the original storyline is not followed, it would be extremely hard to gauge fans’ reaction at this early a time.

Tomb Raider 2: what else do I need to know? 

Inspired by the same title’s very popular game, we wouldn’t be surprised if the movie picks up the plotline left astray there. This would also be an interesting addition to the Tomb Raider cinematic universe. The excitement surrounding Tomb Raider 2 is extremely palpable, and fans of both the game and the movie are looking forward to the new installment as it could potentially be a win-win for both of these groups.

tomb raider 2
Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

Initially scheduled to premiere on the 19th of March, 2021, the film was postponed without the provision of the next release date. Since the movie hasn’t finished filming yet, we could say that we wouldn’t get to witness the Lara Croft experience on the big screens anytime soon. At this point, the question is whether the makers would wrap it up in time for release in 2021 (which is an unlikely argument) or if we will have to wait another year. Whatever the case is, we can all assume that the wait will be worth it.

Lara Croft: how will the fans potentially receive it?

If we can make one statement here without hesitation, every piece of entertainment that is being made should have the audience as the utmost priority because it is the audience that will be the final judge, determining the success or failure of the piece. Now, it is true that the same applies to Tomb Raider (as for every other film).

As we already know, the fandom consists of two groups: people who are there because of the video game and those that are part of it because of the movies. Tomb Raider 2 will be a success in our books if it tickles the fancy of both of these groups without losing its charm and charisma.

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