Tom and Jerry to return to the big screen in 2021

tom and jerry 2021

Fans of the legendary cartoon Tom and Jerry can finally rejoice as these mischief-makers are coming back to your screens very soon with the latest movie produced by the Warner Bros.

After the first Tom and Jerry movie, released in 1992, this will be one of its kind film, featuring the characters in a full-length theatrical film with more advanced animation than the last one.

The much-awaited movie will premiere in theatres on the 5th of March 2021. It will be one of the few films that have already established a loyal fan base from having been made and remade for quite a few decades now.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Film

tom and jerry
Tom and Jerry to hit the screens on the 5th of March, 2021

Keeping that in mind, staying true to the original Tom and Jerry cartoons that people have come to love and cherish would be a challenge on the maker’s part. With new ways of making the movie bigger and better, it would be very easy to lose track of who the movie really is intended for in the first place and stray far away from the charm that the original holds. However, the premise of the movie seems to be promising in the sense that it lays down the foundation for some classic Tom and Jerry action that one would pay to witness. The plot follows a young girl named Kayla, who works at a pricey hotel in upstate New York. Things take a hilarious turn when she hires a cat named Tom to get rid of a mouse (Jerry) to prevent him from ruining a fancy wedding that is to take place very soon.

For what it’s worth, the fans have been eagerly waiting for a Tom and Jerry movie for ages. The diverse fan base that this franchise has spanned across a vast age group. This is because the cartoon has been part of many people’s childhoods, no matter what generation they belong to. Hence, it would only be fair to say that the target audience would not belong to any one particular age group when the movie premieres on the big screen next year. Tom and Jerry have created a cultural revolution of sorts and are very important icons of popular culture. This means that the movie should retain the essence of Tom and Jerry and aim to keep this cultural status intact.

As for the cast of the film, the makers have decided to use archival recordings for Tom and Jerry’s characters to keep the film as genuine as possible. Other cast members include Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael, Ken Jeong, Peña Colin Jost, and Rob Delaney. For a movie this big, we aren’t surprised by the stellar casting that has been undertaken. Known for their comedic personalities on screen and off, we are sure that the cast would successfully emulate Tom and Jerry’s rhetoric to the t.

The next year is one that is filled with exciting prospects of entertainment both on the big and small screen. Tom and Jerry are but a part of the bigger picture. That being said, it is a cinematic giant on its own and would definitely not be overshadowed by everything else that is happening around it. If there is one thing we are sure of, the movie will make its presence known.

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