Raya and the Last Dragon: Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina to give a powerful performance

raya and the last dragon

Ever since Disney dropped the trailer for its latest film, Raya and the Last Dragon, people have not shut up about it, and with good reason. The Moana meets How to Train Your Dragon meets The Legend of Korra-Eska movie is the cinematic universe’s latest stint at a strong, smart female lead.

Raya and the Last Dragon seem to be the next big thing after the likes of Frozen and Moana, seeing that the makers of these movies are the same.

Raya and the Last Dragon Plot and Updates

raya and the last dragon
Kelly Marie Tran to play Raya in the new Disney Venture

The story follows Raya, a warrior who is the daughter of the Chief of the Heart of Lands, fated to protect the dragon gem. But since the tribe in her homeland Kumandra is split into five hostile groups, it is now her duty to find the “last dragon” – a character based on the Naga dragon with shapeshifting abilities bring back peace to her region. The fact that this is a very similar tope to Avatar, the Last Airbender universe did not go unnoticed by the people. With witty remarks about the striking similarity that Raya and Katara hold, the comments about the new trailer are hilarious. Nonetheless, this resemblance has only made people more interested in the movie.

Originally have cast Cassie Steele for the role, the film now has Kelly Marie Tran voicing Raya’s role and has Awkwafina voicing Sisu, the last dragon in the world. Raya is also a breakthrough movie for Disney because this is its next big attempt at bringing an Asian Disney princess to the screens, after Mulan.

Directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada, the film is set to arrive at theatres on the 12th of March 2021. Although many films are coming out simultaneously, Raya and the Last Dragon are one of the few animated films that will premiere during that period. This gives the movie an upper hand against the rest of them since it is easily recognizable, luring the audience in with finesse.

Knowing Disney, we can already say that the film will feature some popular themes like love, friendship, and family. Beyond these, it would be incredibly amusing to try and decipher the hidden undercurrents of meaning behind the trope, as is common with a lot of Disney films.

All in all, Raya and the Last Dragon could potentially be one of those films that can and will be thoroughly enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It is witty, funny, heartwarming, and a total feel-good bundle of a film. The animation is extremely seamless, and the casting is what every Disney dream is made of. Kelly Marie Tran completely embodies Raya’s role, and we cannot wait to see the kind of things Awkwafina has to do with her character – having full knowledge of the kind of performer she is.

Talking about the movie, the cast and crew promise us that Raya will inspire an entire generation of kids to do and be whatever it is that they want to do and be. Raya would be a memorable character and one that defines the childhood of many a kid, they add. Will the movie succeed in keeping these promises of grandeur and excellence? Only time will tell!

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