Jurassic World: Dominion will come to the theatres in 2022

Jurassic World

If there is one thing almost every millennial relates to, it has to be growing up with Jurassic Park. It can easily be identified as one of those movies whose hype doesn’t die down, no matter how many times it has been made and remade. From its looks, the Jurassic universe seems to bank on this sentiment of the fans and give them exactly what they want, closely analyzing the interests of the target audience. With Jurassic World 3 coming to the big screen, fans are eagerly looking for any bits and pieces of information that they can get their hands on to satiate their curiosity.

Fans of the original franchise might get emotional in the upcoming week as Jurassic World 3 wrapped filming over the last few days. How this was made possible right in the middle of a global health crisis is a question a lot of us seem to be left with. Nonetheless, news of a new installment in this series is enough information to ease the pandemic’s pressure on us.

Jurassic World: Dominion Release Date:

Jurassic World 3
Jurassic World 3 would see Sam Neil playing the role of Dr. Alan Grant for the last time.

Veteran Jurassic Park stars like Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil, and Laura Dern have made a comeback with Jurassic World 3, with other stars like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard sharing screen space with them. We could say that director Colin Trevorrow has really pushed the boundaries for the filming of this movie, given the current social and economic scenario although taking on the mammoth task of meeting up to Steven Spielberg’s directional standard of the last Jurassic Park films is something to be reckoned with.

Jurassic World: Dominion, the third movie in the series, and the sixth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise is scheduled for release on the 10th of June 2022. With this film coming out, the tone for 2022 has already been set when it comes to work belonging to this genre.

From its looks, Jurassic World 3 would be a film that ties up many plotlines that have the fans have witnessed in the series to date. However, rumors that this would be the final film in the franchise were squashed when Producer Frank Marshall confirmed against it, stating that it is merely the start of a “new era” where dinosaurs would live alongside humans on the mainland. If we take this statement at face value, the new Jurassic World film would only be a much bigger deal than it already is. After three decades of fighting for survival, we could potentially see the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans with the completion of Jurassic World 3 and the start of the new set of films as promised by Marshall.

What seemed to be an insurmountable task has already been taken up and carried out with ease by Trevorrow, to our surprise. Had we to keep this in mind, we can say that Jurassic World 3 has already managed to tickle the fancy of many a fan with what it has achieved even before its release. We already know that the kind of reception the movie would receive when it premieres in 2022 would be larger than life. With the cast and crew unanimously voicing out the “epic” nature, the excitement surrounding it is extremely high.

If you are looking to keep up with upcoming news on Jurassic World 3, watch this space!

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