Dexter Reboot Series Confirmed Michael C. Hall will Return as Dexter Morgan

Dexter Reboot Series Confirmed
Dexter Reboot Series Confirmed Michael C. Hall will return as Dexter Morgan

Dexter reboot is already getting a lot of limelight for its release date and more detailed updates.  Well, it’s confirmed that it’s going to reboot and with the hall in the show.

The upcoming latest season may drop on to our screen in autumn of next year. Fans eager to know more will get to know all the necessary details from this article.

Dexter Reboot Cast And Plotline 

Michael C. Hall to return as Dexter Morgan In Dexter Reboot series

Dexter was one of the most popular crime shows. It’s based upon the life of Dexter Morgan, originally played by Michael C. Hall. He works as a forensic technician for the cops in tracking killer investigations.

Though, small about his colleagues knew that while he wasn’t assisting them, he was filled with homicidal tendencies himself, stretching out murders whenever he got the chance.

The series ended, but now it seems like it’s going to be renewed to give a new life phase. The real drama series follow-ups the life incidents of Dexter, who was standing between a worker who works as a “blood-splatter expert” for the Miami Police Department and continuing his passionate attitude to murder when he ends up his duty. 

Dexter released a total bunch of eight complete seasons, which ran from the year 2006 until 2013. The show finally came to a dramatic, interesting end.

It’s all grateful to the network Showtime, which decided that  Dexter will be getting a reboot. It’s nonetheless good news that actor Hall is returning as the lead man again by himself. 

Hall isn’t alone; he will be returning along with showrunner Clyde Phillips. Clyde worked on the original series. At the same time, no other information has been provided yet. Like when or where Dexter will be in the reboot, but the last time fans watched him, he was running by a new name and living in Oregon. 

He changed to this different way of life when he escaped from the medical apartment with his sister’s body, who was in a coma for being shot.

Dexter Reboot Release Date

Filming for the upcoming latest season of Dexter has not yet started, but we could expect it to start in early 2021. Keeping this in mind, according to Deadlines, the show series will have a “conclusive premiere date” of Autumn 2021.  Well, We don’t know how much the pandemic affected the show filming as it may be out when the show makers reveal some glimpses from the show.

The reboot of Dexter’s new season will be made up of 10 new exclusive episodes in total. It was announced on 14th October, Wednesday that a complete ten new episodes of limited series have got a green light.

Reboot Production Details


Dexter is produced by network Showtime and executive produced by Phillips, Hall, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, and Scott Reynolds.

The reboot has been previously discussed with former Showtime boss David Nevins, who is currently the Chief Creative Officer at CBS and Chairman and CEO at Showtime Networks.

Co-President of Entertainment at Showtime Gary Levine, in an interview of the dexter reboot, said that Dexter is such a versatile series for its millions of fans. For Showtime, it made a remarkable platform for all. This breakthrough showed to put the network of showtime on the map of series many years ago.

They even had decided that it would only revisit this unique role if that could find a creative take of the truly worthful genre of the brilliant, original series.

He even added that he is so happy to announce that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have all those criteria he was searching for.

They will start as soon as possible to their shoot to wrap it up soon. The premium cable network has given the series a 10-episode run set to go into production in early 2021. Till then, stay connected with us for more updates on the upcoming Dexter reboot.

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