LittLe Mix’s The Search Postponed

Little Mix The Search-
Little Mix The Search-

The Search has been a hit show. It’s a live show that telecasts every week. Though, for 17th October, there was no scheduling of the show on the list. The fans have been wondering why there was no episode of The Search on the television this week. Well, we got all your answers.

Little Mix, The Band

Little Mix is a very famous girls band that has a total of four members in it. They were in the show “The X Factor.” And also won Season 11 of the show. They gained immense popularity from the show and even after the show. The speculations have been that the band members have been looking for a new band as well. They want a new band to perform with them on their next tour. And this is the best opportunity one could have. Working with the band has been a dream for many, and only one would get that one chance.

Little Mix The Search
The band members of Little Mix

The band that will win the competition will get a chance to do live shows also.

Why was there no episode of the show this week?

The officials made the official statement that some of the members have been tested COVID positive. And, due to this, they will have to stop the filming. This is the reason why the episode did not air on television on 17th October.

Though the makers have not yet confirmed who all are tested positive, but have certainly cleared the air by confirming that it’s not the band members.

When will the shooting again start?

The officials have made the statement that the safety of the crew members, participants, and the production comes first. All those who have tested positive have been in self-isolation since the reports came. The members have followed all the latest norms mentioned by the government.

The show’s shooting would begin only when all the members recover and their tests are negative. Proper precautions have been taken on the sets while shooting.

Filming of many shows has been stopped because of the coronavirus spread. The safety of the members is more important than anything as of now. However, the officials have not said any name who tested positive. The exact number has also not been informed in the media as of now. Only the official statement came stating, some of the crew members have been tested positive.

The live show is now expected to be aired on 24th October, i.e., next Saturday. However, nothing is sure, as of now. It will totally depend on the recovery of the members and guidelines from the government. Since the news came, the fans have been very supportive and understanding at the same time.

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