Kodak Black May Get Out Of The Prison Sooner Than We Expected. Here Is What We Know

Kodak Black May Get Out Of The Prison Sooner Than We Expected. Here Is What We Know
Kodak Black Release Date

Kodak Black is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His birth name is Dieuson Octave. His single “No Flokin” gave him the initial recognition. He started rapping when he was in elementary school. And after school, he used to go to the local trap house to record music.


He has been in to make controversies in the past years, mainly due to his derogatory statements. Mostly towards women and almost all of his comments on twitter and some of the Instagram live streaming. In 2017 Kodak Black came live from his Instagram account and ended up into a controversy.

Later, he issued a statement stating, “If I could change, I swear I would… I tried everything, but I am just so hood”. Then later in 2017, only he wrote on Instagram about his preference for light-skinned women over those with dark skin and again ended up into a controversy. He got so much of negative response that he ended up deleting both his Instagram and twitter handle.

Later in 2019, he again got himself into a controversy. He passed comments about “waiting” to get into a sexual relationship with Lauren London. He got immediate backlash from the people. That led to many people boycotting his music. Then, on April 7, he made a statement saying sorry to Lauren and, in the end, said I did not make any such statement that would hurt her.

Legal Issues

On November 13, 2019, on federal weapons charges, Kodak Black was sentenced 46 months in prison. Prosecutors In Miami, the prosecutors demanded a sentence of 46 to 57 months. In contrast, his lawyers asked the court to consider his previous charity works and August’s guilty plea and sentence him for less time.

He was caught buying multiple firearms in two different cases with a fake background check. Later he admitted to lying about the same. Later, the police found two guns at the crime scene, and one gun had fingerprints of Black on it, and another one used to fire at a rival rap artist. He escaped free from the charge.

In April, Black and his team were caught with weapons when they tried to escape Canada’s border and enter New York. Later, a stash of Marijuana was also discovered from his possession. He was again charged for the illegal possession of the same and of a firearm as well. He took full responsibility for both the things in the court.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black Pleads Guilty.

Kodak Black has also been charged for criminal sexual conduct and was in custody from 206 in South Carolina. However, he was later released on bond.

He has also attempted to by guns in Florida; it is when the sexual assault case came in background. He was again found guilty for lying about his past convictions in buying guns and was arrested from a music festival in Miami when he attempted to take the stage there.

Kodak Black Gets Official Release Date


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