John David Washington Wants to Join MCU’s Fantastic Four

John David Washington Wants to Join MCU's Fantastic Four
John David Washington Wants to Join MCU's Fantastic Four

John David Watson may be seen in the role of Reed Richards, leader of Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Fantastic Four was on the way in 2019, but Marvel has not yet announced the release date. The actor was already in the news for quite some time now for his lead role in Tenet.

Washington, in a recent interview, told the reports that he is willing to work with Marvel Studios. The reporter even asked him about playing the role of Reed Richards. And to everyone’s surprise, he replied, saying he would sign the contract there itself.

As Marvel plans to expand the MCU, reports are that the actor might b considered for roles in Black Panther, Ghost Rider, or even Blade. In an interview, Washington confessed that he wants to play the character of a superhero for Marvel or DC.

There has not been any news regarding John Washington’s role as Reed Richards. But it will be fascinating to see him play the role as he would perfectly fit in the role, and the audience is already in awe of him.

John David Washington appeals to be Mr. Fantastic.

John David Washington

The rumors have been around the corner that the reboot of Fantastic Four was on its way in 2019. But till now, no official statement has been made by Marvel Studios. They are not commenting on any of the news related to the director, writer, or even the cast. But rumors have been that the movie might release in July 2023. Again, no official statement has been passed on the same yet.  It will be a part of Phase 4 of MCU production.

Casting will probably be the last option for Marvel Studios as the first task is to go for the director and the writer. For now, everything is just a speculation and assumption until Marvel releases any official statement. The fans have been going crazy after his interview and are expecting a lot from him and Marvel Studios now.

John Krasinski as an Alternate

Not only John David but also John Krasinski has been in rumors to play the lead in Fantastic Force along with his wife Emily Blunt as they would look like an on-screen couple for Dr. REED Richards and SUSAN Storm (Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman). According to sources, Marvel Studios needs John Krasinski to play an alternate universe rendition of Captain America, which will be mixed with present-day in the MCU.

fan art of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Nonetheless, they assert that their sources have disclosed to them that Marvel Studios needs John Krasinski to play an imaginary world rendition of Captain America. If this is valid, it will imply that Krasinski will finally get the chance to assume the job he was so near getting every one of those years back. It was apparently among him and Chris Evans for the job, and Krasinski passed up a significant opportunity.

Notwithstanding, if it were up to fans, They would give Krasinski a role as Mr. Fantastic (a.k.a. Reed Richards) in the forthcoming Fantastic Four film. There’s likewise the way that the comic book renditions of the characters are beginning to look a great deal like the wedded couple.

I truly trust Krasinski, at last, gets the opportunity to be in the MCU. However, he merits his vehicle, and The Fantastic Four would be ideal for him.

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