Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2 Episode Updates Revealed! Know All Details

Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2

In this article, we will be talking about detailed info about Marvel’s Storyboards Season 2 Announced for 2020. Marvel’s storyboard is finally coming into the screens for this year. Marvel Storyboard is an upcoming 2020 documentary web television series. The show is given by Marvel New Media, and it is created and hosted by Joe Quesada. 

Joe Quesada is a talented American comic book artist, television producer, editor, and writer. 

The show story is written by Eric Enright whereas directed by Tony Castle. It was made and produced by Tony Castle along with Joe Quesada and Roxy Hunt with the help of production company Marvel’s new media. The show episodes are distributed by Marvel Entertainment itself.

Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2 Release Date With The Guest List

Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2

The show Marvel’s Storyboards Season 2 has got several Episode Release Schedules. The list of episodes follows as:-

  •  Monday, November 16 for Episode 1 feat. Gillian Jacobs
  •  Friday, November 20 for Episode 2 feat. Sasheer Zamata
  •  Tuesday, November 24 for Episode 3 feat. Samhita Mukhopadhyay
  •  Tuesday, December 1 for Episode 4 feat. Nelson Figueroa
  •  Tuesday, December 8 for Episode 5 feat. Taboo
  •  Tuesday, December 15 for Episode 6 feat. Ed Viesturs

This confirms that all six episodes will be releasing over different dates and featuring different characters. Such an exciting list is made up for marvel’s storyboards season 2.

Marvel’s Show Updates

Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2

The first season of Marvel Storyboard was released in 2020. Yes, the show is all new to the viewers of the 2020 year. The first episode premiered on 23rd July 2020 with six complete episodes and concluded on 27th August 2020.

In the early days, the show was planned to be streaming on Disney + exclusive. However, this didn’t happen, and later, they announced in July 2020 that the show’s episodes had been moved to the Marvel Youtube channel.

So fans waiting to watch the upcoming episodes or those who missed the previous season’s episodes may watch it over the Marvel Youtube channel. The first season of the episodes has hosted all 12 guests in the show. The show earned a lot of love from fans and viewers. Joe Quesada took this idea of the show while interviewing Charlie cox in 2017.

Later, Marvel entertainment took the show’s idea and made a commitment with the idea for releasing the show. Now viewers are having this show seasons earlier than they have expected. Well, the pandemic year isn’t much expected with such instant releases, but we are happy to say that all new episodes have already completed their filming. So the date given will be the release date for the show. We might see some more extra advancements in the episodes. As looking at the guest list, it’s usually common to speculate a certain way of making the show. Well, let’s see what happens to the show season release.

Till then, stay connected with us for more updates regarding the upcoming updates from Marvel’s Storyboard Season 2.

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